Ania Kostasia
Miss Ania Ioanna Kostasia
Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton as Ania Ioanna Kostasia
Alias: Ani
Age: 24
Features: dark hair, dark eyes, freckles
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Miss
Department: QUODEL Air Wing
Position: Intern Nugget


Ania Kostasia is one of those people who really has no business being a survivor. She's entirely unsuited for just about everything outside of clubbing, hobnobbing with the fellow disgustingly rich upper crust and shopping. She was a second year law student when everything happened and now she's just floundering, looking for direction. (More to come later.)

Immediate Family

Her family is dead. The world may be better off for it, though. (Those who recognize the Kostasia name would agree. They had a reputation of being cut-throat business people who were related by marriage to a powerful political family. Seriously, aside from making a super cute daughter, her parents weren't much good!)

Work Experience

Unless being a socialite law student is considered work… well, there's not much to go here right now. Rumor has it she's in nugget training, though. They must be getting desperate.

Physical Features

She has long dark hair which she will soon be chopping into a short bob, dark eyes and some freckles. She also has a small tattoo but she ain't saying what it is or where it is.

On the Grid

Known Associates

DEVLIN: Alex was a civilian like her, though he's since enlisted. He was a big help to her in the days after when she was packing personal items up and needed someone to help with the heavy stuff and a friendship developed from there. It doesn't hurt that he's kinda cute. NOT THAT SHE NOTICED! PS: He refuses to show her his abs, despite the fact that apparently everyone ELSE gets to look. Meanie.

EVANDREUS: One of the few people that Ania trusts and feels comfortable around is Bunny boy. He planted the idea in her head that being a pilot is a MUCH better way to die than being a civilian. Though he also told her that she should go make coffee in JAG which might be an even better way to die! She adores him to bits and is glad he's not dead, in a coma or avoiding her.

TRASK: Oil. Water. Shaken, not stirred. He burns hard and harsh like those cigarettes he smokes and she's a cold tall glass of stfu. Clearly there will never be common ground here.

PSYCHE: omg. <3! Ania may have FINALLY found someone left in the universe who understands the importance of footwear.

TISIPHONE: If Ania starts smoking and thinks about shaving her head in a few months, Tisiphone may or may not be the one to blame.

OOC stuff

Latest Happenings

She's a nugget-to-be. She's moved her few things to Deck 4. Her prime spot with the civilians was quickly claimed by her annoying neighbor.


She has horrible nightmares and has awoken many times screaming. She also sleeps with one of her uncle's handkerchiefs in her pillowcase as a security blanket, though she thinks nobody notices.

She's clumsy and useless when it comes to 'work' because she's got no idea how to do work.

She loves puzzles, especially crosswords, the scrambled words kind and that weird one with the numbers.

She's good at math! Also she was a second year law student.

She was lucky that she had a bunch of clothes with her on this little trip from hell, but not so lucky in the respect that it's almost all dress clothes and high heeled shoes.

Recent Logs


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