Angelica Akoris
Ms Angelica Akoris
Jewel Staite
Jewel Staite as Angelica Akoris
Alias: Angel
Age: 26
Features: Brown Hair, Brown eyes
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Ms
Department: Reporter
Position: Documentarian


Immediate Family

Mother, father…yes, one of each.

Work Experience

Documentary - The History of Pyramid
From it's humble roots, to the present day.

Documentary - On a Wing
A nature show about the migration of birds

Documentary - The Basics of training.
A piece following one of the classe, going through basic marine training.

Commercial - Fiztastic
Standard 30 second comercial for the Fiztastic soft drink

Commercial - Pascal Paints
How your house can be like a work of art, by using Pascal Paints.

Physical Features

Standing at about 5'5" is this human woman. She seems to be of average build, not really skinny, but then again not really too heavy for her height. Her body curves in all the right places though. She has shoulder length brown hair, that seems to float lightly around her head, falling to just past her shoulders. In each of her ears is a small silver stud earing, with a small green crystal mounted in the center. Her eyes are a deep brown color, off set by a little bit of makeup on her face. Around her neck is a thin silver necklace, with a small heart shapped pendant on it.

She is dressed in a pair of dark blue pants, that fit her well. She wears a dark gray top, with silver lace around the collar, that seems a little baggy. Over this she wears a blue fleece vest, with a couple large pockets in the front. Around her waist is a black belt, with a silver buckle. Attached to the belt are pouches and several item holders. On her feet is a pair of boots, a dark brown leather, with maybe an inch heel in the back.

Slung over her shoulder is a dark red messenger type bag. Embroidered on the flap in light green is Akoris Productions. with what appears to be the image of a squirrel. Around her neck is a lanyard with several passes and security clearance tags.

On the Grid

What is she doing on the battlestar? Well thank you for asking. She's making a documentary about the building of the Cerberus. She been around almost since the begining, getting footage and talking to everyone involved. Now with the launching, she is getting footage on the battlestar in action. As well as getting the reactions of the observers to everything.

Known Associates


Recent Logs


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