PHD #216: An Old Mentor
An Old Mentor
Summary: Argento and Remick run into each other in the athletics area. Remick agrees to take on Argento as a legal assistant.
Date: 30 Sep 2041 AE
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Athletics Area
A large pair of mats dominates the center of this room, their centers taped-out for a small area to practice boxing or other martial arts. Around the outside are treadmills, bikes, weights, and an impressive variety of gym equipment to help tone and shape the bodies of the crew. To one side of the room is the locker room while at the rear is a hatch that leads back to the oversized swimming pool. Off to the side is a rack that holds boxing gloves, pugil sticks, and the associated pads for the sticks.
Post-Holocaust Day: #216

It seems like every free moment has been taken up perusing every volume of military law that is left available aboard the Cerberus. But even the head of the prosecution can find time to unwind a little bit, and here Remick is in the Athletics Area doing just that. The jacket of her sweats discarded and tossed over a rack of weights, she is currently pummelling the hell out of a heavy bag that hangs from the ceiling with a series of precise jabs that look like a combination of boxing and martial arts. Occasionally, she'll bring a leg around to knee the bag sharply in the side. Her blonde hair is plastered to her forehead by sweat, eyes sternly focused on her target.

Argento is up early to get a morning workout in before today's shift. Not too many people in the athletics area this early, so the blonde woman beating the hell out of a punching bag is noticeable. He's in the middle of stretching when suddenly he feels like he recognizes her. Every unfamiliar face these days carries the hope of recognition of one more person you used to know turning out to be alive. But this is someone he actually knows, isn't it. He walks closer to the woman, taking care not to startle her. "Meg Remick?" The name comes to him a split second before it hesitantly comes out of his mouth.

"Uh huh," comes Remick's reply, apparently even as focused as she is on the heavy bag she can still pay attention to her surroundings. After one last volley, she extends her hands to still the bag and turns about to face the source of the question. She tilts her head slightly, seeming as though she's staring straight through Argento, the bulk heads and out into space before she speaks, "You know, I'd like to say I never forget a face but here we are."

Argento smiles. It is her. "It's Tony Argento. I interned with you years ago on Libran. Summer of '32, I think it was. Gosh, it's such a pleasant surprise to see you on Cerberus." He notices the military sweats. "Are you an officer on this ship?"

"Du jure," Remick explains in regards to the question about her being an officer, picking up her towel and drying off her face as she nods her head, "Tony Argento." She mulls it over a moment before she nods her head in recognition, "Oh yeah." She looks him over for a moment before speaking once more, "Didn't follow up on the whole law thing?"

Argento seems pleased that she seems to recognize him now. "You remember me. No, unfortunately, I didn't end up making it to law school. I couldn't afford the tuition. Ended up becoming a technician, of all things. How did you end up here? I didn't know you left Libran."

"Happened to be on vacation on Leonis when the bombs hit," Remick explains, crossing her arms over her chest, "Weren't hit as badly as some. Got picked up with a bunch of other civilians, pointed out that I was ex-military and they drummed me back in pretty quickly. And there's no problem with being a technician, any money is good money."

Argento nods in agreement. "Sure, it was a good job. I just never saw myself as a technical guy, but it turns out I wasn't bad at it. I'm in the weapons department now on Cerberus. You were on Leonis…it was crazy there. It's great that you got out. I'm still hoping that we can get some recon on Libran soon…"

"Me too," Remick is silent for a moment, pondering the idea as she stares off into space before finally admitting, "I guess it'd be nice to have closure, at the very least. I've got my hands full with this trial and Candice as it is, though."

Argento lights up. "Candice, is that your daughter's name? I remember her baby picture on your desk. She must be big now! How is she?"

"Yeah, Candice is my daughter. She's 10 years-old now." Remick lapses into silence again for moment. "She's doing fine. She's sleeping right now; she's been doing a lot of that lately, but she's…fine."

"I see. All this has to be tough on a ten year-old." He hesitates, suddenly remembering that the baby picture he saw all those years ago was of a boy. In a change of subject, he says, "I'd actually like to ask you for some advice, Ms. Remick, if that's okay. I've heard that the JAG Corps is considering opening an apprenticeship program in lieu of law school, given the current circumstances. It's something I'd be interested in. Would I be able to apply for that, coming from another department?"

Remick nods her head, "Well, you'd have to be willing to do some of the grunt work at the trial that's coming up - and accept that any tutoring would have to take a backseat to that trial. But other than that, yeah, we're working on that. Gonna need laws when we finally settle somewhere, I guess."

Argento takes only a moment to decide that yes, giving up his free time in the coming years would be worth pursuing a life goal he was forced to leave behind long ago. The determination shows in his face as he responds, "I could do that. I have to report to my regular duty shifts, but I'm prepared to spend whatever off duty hours that would be required of me on the trial. Can I meet with you sometime?"

"Yeah," Remick nods, unable to shake the idea that an assistant would be extremely helpful, "I'll see about putting together a list of the books I'm going to want you to read. I hope you like Colonial Law books written fifty years ago."

Argento laughs. "I'm looking forward to it. Sure it will be riveting," he says, not without a bit of irony. "I didn't mean to interrupt your workout. It really is great running into you, sir. And I'm really looking forward to being a student again. I'll see you soon."

"Sure," Remick replies, the same old stand-offish military personality she always was, maybe a little more stoic than she was on Libran but things have changed, "I'll have it all ready by the time you come around. Have a good one, Argento."

"You too, sir." He's slightly too intimidated by her stoicism to reach for a handshake, and saluting in gym sweats would be corny. He settles for a goofy wave goodbye. He feels like he's nineteen years-old again as he heads over to the free weights to begin his workout.

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