Historical Event: Amphictyonic Schism

Gemenon, 2007-2012 AE: The Amphictyonic Schism


On Kobol there once was a small shrine, it is said, guarded by a powerful goddess in the form of a serpent, the Python, whose name means rot in the scriptural tongue. The goddess was so-called because it was she that decomposed all that was brought together and returned to the soil all that sprang from it. This shrine, at the very center of the world, Zeus claimed by placing the stone with which this very goddess had secured his safety from his father's murderous intentions on the spot. The shrine was given as a gift to his son Apollo, who came to the spot and conquered the Python, who ever since has lived on in spirit in the corporeal forms of a series of women who have taken on the mantle of the Pythia. The Pythia has used the power of the Python and the voice of Apollo to give religious edicts and voice prophecies from the time Apollo's first temple was built on the spot. The name of the place, fittingly, was Pytho, but, after a miracle in which Apollo bore his first priests to the spot in the form of a dolphin, it was re-named Delphi.

The stone of Zeus which marked the shrine was called the Omphalos, the bellybutton of the world, and, in the year of the exodus, it was said to have been uprooted and brought to Caprica to be set down as the first foundation of the new Delphi. This claim, has, of course, been disputed. Whatever the case, Delphi on Caprica has been the home of the Pythia from the Exodus to the Holocaust.


With one very small exception. Over the years, priests on Caprica trended toward the Academic pole of theological thought, while priests on colonies such as Gemenon and Sagittaron trended toward the Fundamentalist pole, stretching the fabric of Colonial religion. Yet, for over two thousand years, through communication and negotiation, the fabric managed to hold. At the beginning of the third millenium AE, however, the church on Caprica was under a lot of pressure to give in to progressive social trends. With the Amphictyony's 2007 decree on the sanctity of homosexual liaisons to Aphrodite, all the most influential Gemenese temples banded together and declared Delphi, Caprica to be New Delphi, and unveiled their own omphalos stone and temple of Apollo Pythios. They established their own amphictyony and set their own Pythia upon her Tripod, and effectively declared their independence from Caprican Delphi.

They had assumed that once they'd taken the first step, that Sagittaron wouldn't be long in switching allegiance, and they had their eye on several other colonies, as well. When Sagittaron failed to come through, however, none of the rest did, either, and public outcry became so ill against the endeavor that five years after the Temple was opened, it was closed once more, under the declaration by the Pythia of general amnesty for the heresy.

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