Althea Mneme Zenon
Lieutenant Althea Mneme Zenon
Amanda Peet
Amanda Peet as Althea Mneme Zenon
Alias: Althea;Thea
Age: 28
Features: Dark hair, dusky skin, pale eyes
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Medical
Position: Psychiatrist


Immediate Family

Service Jacket


Physical Features

She isn't classically beautiful, this woman, but there is something indefinable and striking about her regardless. A force of personality and an aura of almost invincible self-confidence that makes something like beauty irrelevant. Her face is square, with a firm jaw-line, strong bones, a straight nose, a slightly stubborn chin, and full lips. Her gaze is direct; the pale grey-green color set off by the combination of a dusky tan and a mane of brown hair. She appears to be in her twenties, although she has the sort of bone structure that'll help her stay fresh-faced well in to her thirties. At present, her hair is tamed back into a messy tail, but for a heavy bang across her forehead.

She isn't short, standing 5'7", with the fit figure of a healthy, young woman that's just shy of being athletic and yet is still proportionally leggy. Her clothing is more about function over form, being a dark fitted tee with something so worn screen printed on it to be little more than a couple of formless shapes worn over a white knit long-sleeve thermal shirt. On the lower end is a pair of relaxed fit pants worn low on her hips with a thick belt cinching the wait tight to show recent lost weight. Her feet are in a pair of standard issue boots, laced with a zipper at the side. As far as jewelry goes, all she has is a set of hexagonal military dog tags and a metal bracelet on her wrist with the healer's oath in full etched all along it.

On the Grid

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  • Like all good children of Scorpia, Althea has a temper. Although she manages to keep it mostly under wraps and is down-right reasonable under most circumstances, she still has explosive moments.
  • When she's faced with a decision between two equal options, Althea has been known to say a quick prayer to the Lords of Kobol and flip a coin to decide. Not the most healthy habit for a psychiatrist to have, but given the situation it could be worse.
  • Feel some beady eyes on you? Having spent quite a bit of time keeping a group of survivors sane and healthy, Althea has a tendency to psychoanalyze and assess the people around her on a subconscious level.
  • Since her days as a pre-med student, Althea has suffered horrible insomnia. She never sleeps more than four hours at a time, and manages by supplementing this with short catnaps when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Althea was a reservist during her entire term of service with the Colonial Fleet; Because of her extensive schooling and psychiatric residency that followed, Althea rarely left Gemenon (where she attended the Kobol Colleges) or Aerilon (where she did her residency).

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