BCH #009: All The Laundry Room Is A Stage
All The Laundry Room Is A Stage
Summary: Alexander and Stavrian meet in the Laundry Room.
Date: 17 Feb 2041
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Alexander Stavrian 

Laundry Room

Industrial washers and dryers line each side of this elongated room, which typically has personnel moving in and out all day and night. These front-loading systems are designed to withstand the rigors of a military beating and still function as expected. A sturdy set of counters run the length of the room for crewmembers to fold their own laundry and dress and pins or patches before and after the process.

While many celebrities would never even dream of doing their own laundry it would appear that one Caprican celebrity is not ashamed to be doing his own laundry. Alexander works quietly on putting his laundry in the machine and he has seperated his clothes and as soon as the machines start he hopes up on a machine not being used to review some notes in a notebook. He picks up a pencil from his top shirt pocket and he places it behind his ear.

Officers, on the other hand, are stuck doing their own laundry just like everyone else. Until one's pins get heavier than one's head. Stavrian is in a dull gray issue T-shirt and his olive-and-red fatigue pants, carrying his laundry bag into the slightly humid room. A hardcover book under his other arm, a few papers poke out from the top of it. He turns sideways to slip past a few people exiting, then on towards the washers he heads with muted bootsteps.

Alexander writes something in his notebook as he makes a soft sound that goes, "Hmmm?" As Alexander looks at the notebook he seems content with what is written in it for now and he stops to look around the room and he spots someone new in a dull gray t-shirt with olive and red pants. This in and of itself is interesting but not as interesting as the book and he stops to see if he can spot the title on the book and when he can't figure out the title he speaks up to speak to Stavrian, "Excuse me? What are you reading?"

Stavrian dumps the laundry bag down on a nearby table, contents shifting around shapelessly. He glances over his shoulder, attention aimed at the man's collar first off. No pins. His eyes flicker down over the rest of the clothes, then finally to the face. There's a second of silence. "'Debates on the Death Penalty'." The book itself is set down by the bag, temporarily ignored while he starts futzing with the bag's tied string. "Nice boots."

"I see, Lieutenant, do you represent JAG?" Alexander asks Stavrian as he looks down at his boots, "Ah, custom made. I can give you the number of the woman who makes them and she is a wonderful woman. She makes all of my boots." Alexander takes another moment to look at the book and his eyes move back over to Stavrian, "I'm sorry, excuse my manners. I'm Alexander Aurelia." This is said as a hand comes forward for the Lieutenant to shake should he so choose to do.

"I'm well-supplied, thank you." Stavrian lifts the stubborn knot up and tugs on the top of it with his teeth. It begrudgingly comes loose after some working, and he pulls the mouth of the mesh open. Letting it go with his right hand, he brushes his palm against the side of his fatigues trousers and reaches over to accept the hand for a shake. Single shake, firm, release and withdraw. "Junior Lieutenant Jesse Stavrian." His focus goes back to his laundry for the time being, a machine now opened with a soft clank of the lid. "Are you QUODEL, sir?"

"I am QUODEL, I'm a goodwill representative." Alexander says with the sort of smile that only a famous person can pull off. "And please, don't call me sir. My father is a sir. Please, call me Alexander." He is extremely laid back and very informal and yet at the same time he is very respectful in his stance when speaking with Stavrian; apparently the actor respects the Fleet. "I'm also here doing research for my next film. It is a film being produced by the Fleet about the struggles faced by Fleet Officers and the sacrifices and strength that makes those who serve the Fleet heroes." Eyes drift toward the book, "So, Lieutenant Stavrian, what is it you do for the fleet and do you mind if I ask you some questions for my research?"

"Film?" Stavrian glances at Alexander, pulling the laundry bag up and upending it into the machine. He shakes it roughly to get the last socks and small bits out, and drops the blue mesh in along with the military-issue clothing. "I'm a PA-C." That's given with a tone of secondary importance, as when the young man's blue eyes return to Alexander there's a slight raise of brow. "You're QUODEL, but you're making a film for the Fleet?"

There is a look of suprise on his face, pleasant suprise, but suprise none the less. "I'm an actor and I've been in several films. I've been brought on to entertain people and cheer them up so that I can come back to the Colonies and tell everyone what a bang up job everyone is doing here." Alexander relaxes slightly as he doesn't have to live up to a persona or fantasy around Stavrian and this is a source of relief. "My next film will be for the fleet." He stops speaking for a moment, "Ah Physicians Assistant, you might know my sister, Lieutenant Kathleen Aurelia?"

If there is recognition of the famous face, it's vague if even there at all. Stavrian drops two detergent tablets into his machine and starts it churning, letting the lid bang shut. "The psychiatrist? I've met her, yes." He turns around, leaning back against the washer and folding his arms low on his chest. "I'm sorry, I don't really keep up with cinema." The apology isn't completely sincere, a formality if anything. "What sort of films were you in?"

Again, there is a sense of relief still in Alexander since not being recognized means he gets to be himself and he says to Stavrian, "Ah, glad to know you've met her. She is one of my oldest and now best friends." Alexander then responds to Stavrian's question, "Well, Lieutenant Stavrian, I've been mostly in dramatic roles. My first role was as a marine during the Cylon war and I was part of a squad sent into enemy territory to retrieve a soldier and take him home. I've played a Tauron painter, an Aquarian composer, an Aerlonian boxer, a Caprican anti-corruption Quorum member, and a superhero. I enjoy the work that I get to do and I spend a lot of time researching each role heavily. Some actors spend time attempting to imagine but I try to learn as much as I can before I even start to play a character." Alexander looks at Stavrian, "So, if you don't mind my asking, what is medical like?"

Stavrian's light eyes stay on the man's face as he explains his career. The expression on his face doesn't change, a slight reserve lingering in the folded arms and leaned-back posture. "What is it like?" An inhale lifts his shoulders and then drops them again. "Your sister is the psychiatrist. I'd think she'd have plenty to say." The JG's accent is clearly Sagittarian, in cadence and some strange turns of pronunciation. "I don't think I understand, though. You're going to act in this film? Playing someone in the military?"

"In my case, months of research, I spent months on Aerilon learning how to perfect the accent." He clears his throat for a moment and the words come out of him in a perfect Aerilonian accent, "Oh, 'ats eh problem ven innit? Mind yeh, I've been 'round eh block once er twicet." And then he smiles and the clear Caprican tones reutrn, "Learned the same for Aquarian and Tauraonese accents. I try to learn the skills that my characters know, some of them I am better at then others. As for filming itself?" Alexander looks around the room and then back at Stavrian, "Well, Lieutenant Stavrian, it is sort of like this place I would imagine. The director calls all the shots and the producers are like the admiralty. My job is to repeat the same lines over and over again as myself and other actors are filmed from different angles. When we aren't feeling it is a lot of hurry up and wait." Alexander moves to pick up his note book which is a brief jaunt across the room and back, "I'll ask my sister about medical then, though, what is it like living on a Battlestar?"

Stavrian's lips twitch. "Aren't you living on a Battlestar right now, Mr. Aurelia? This is the first time I've been on one, so I'd guess you and I have the same expertise at this point." He braces one booted foot back against the washer as the machine churns. "What's your impression of it?"

"It seems like a floating city to be honest with you, huge and expansive. I often find myself getting lost and I'm on controlled quarters I'm afraid. So, the areas you see and the areas I see are really very different." He closes his eyes as if he visualizes things, "Though I do admire the design of it all." He opens his eyes and Alexander smiles back at Stavrian, "And forgive me I did not know this was your first assignment. Maybe you could tell me what it is like to be on a Battlestar for the first time? I really need to know every perspective and impression I can get so that I can bring a character to life that isn't one sided because people aren't one sided creatures."

"First Battlestar. Not first assignment." Stavrian corrects that, offhandedly. There's no smile in return for Alexander, just the unwavering eye contact. He unfolds one arm, using the side of his thumb to scratch the tip of his nose. "What exactly are you…playing, Mr. Aurelia? We all know 'soldier' is a broad word."

Alexander doesn't break eyecontact but he remains completely laidback, perhaps years of dealing with ego in the Entertainment Industry. "Ah, forgive me, not your first assignment." Then comes Stavrian's question, "I'm not sure, yet, I believe a Viper pilot but I can't be sure. The script has not yet been completed. I wish I could tell you more. All I know about the project is that I will play a soldier of some sort and that I will portray a character that shows just how great the Fleet can be. Sadly, since I don't know what I am playing yet I feel the need to research everything. Even if I end up as say a Raptor pilot. All of this research I am gathering will help me understand how different members of the Fleet think and what their emotional and intellectual reactions are." There is a pause as a silent thought passes through Alexander's head, "And please, call me Alexander."

"Alexander." Stavrian acknowledges the name, then his arms shift and he turns his head, using a lifted shoulder to scratch his cheek. "Strange that they would have you conducting all this before you even know what you need to be looking at. But if you're working for QUODEL, I guess it isn't surprising. I take it they'll be awaiting your impressions, too."

"I have not been asked to give them a briefing on my impressions of anything to be honest with you. Right now I am here to make people smile and to conduct research for my role." Alexander then says to Stavrian, "Though judging by what I have seen around here QUODEL doesn't appear to be that popular with the crew here. Not that I can blame them, since this is a political issue versus a military issue and sometimes what each side wants is harmful to the other, Lieutenant." He closes his folder as he isn't going to try to get notes from Stavrian as this has turned into a discussion at this point, "I'm happy I am here with QUODEL since I get to see my sister and I get to do the research I want to do though I honestly can see why others dislike us all so." He lumps himself in with QUODEL since he is clearly civilian and clearly on the Cerberus. "Do you have any take on all of this?"

"I don't consider QUODEL to be particularly harmful," Stavrian replies, raising one dark brow. "I just appreciate my dinner chats with a side of straightforwardness. But I have a job to do and a responsibility to this crew - including its civilians - and I'm going to do it until ordered to stop. If people want to tango politics up on high, they can knock themselves out."

"Well, let me be straightforward with you then, all of my research if for my film work. Outside of this I am here to keep morale up and I'm commited to that as a Goodwill Ambassador from QUODEL but more importantly I feel like while I can't speak for the Colonies I am extremely happy to be a Colonial here to witness the launch of a new Battlestar within the fleet." Alexander's words ring true since he has no reason to lie, if he did no one would help him with his research.

Stavrian's washer makes a pained thudding sound. He glances over his shoulder at the dial, then his eyes return to Alexander. "Hefty responsibility. 'Morale'." The Sagittarian sounds almost amused, even if there's still no smile. "Are you going to do a performance or something?"

There is a moment where Alexander thinks about a performance since the idea hadn't crossed his mind at all. He lets his eyes move to study the ceiling as he honestly debates wether or not he should do it and finally the words come out of the Caprican's mouth, "I don't know if I should. I mean that seems pretentious don't you think?" Alexander looks back over at Stavrian, "Perhaps I could direct a play if people wanted to act in front of their fellow crewmen?"

"Is it?" Stavrian echoes back, on the subject of pretentiousness. "If the gods take our actions as praise, such a thing would delight Melpomene and Thaleia, wouldn't it? I can't imagine they inspire but mean for the fruits to go unshared. In whatever way."

Alexander looks over at Stavrian, "I'll take that into consideration though beyond a solioquy or two I'm not sure what to do beyond that." A sudden grin comes to his face as he looks back at Stavrian, "I could get my sister to help. She is an actress as well." This seems to bring a twinkle to his eye. "Though like I said I will have to think about it."

Stavrian's shoulders make a small, neutral motion upwards. "You're the actor." His washer finally makes its harsh beep to signal the end of the cycle and he unfolds his arms, turning profile to Alexander and pulling up the machine lid. "I'd guess films are different from the amphitheatre."

Alexander nods his head, "Yeah, films and acting for the amphitheatre are different. For example, on film it is all about the smallest of actions while on stage it is all about big movements. Stage and screen are different animals, but, I think I could act well enough on stage." Alexander has trained long and hard along the years on perfecting his craft over the years, "On screen if you make a mistake you do another take but on stage if you make a mistake it is all about improvising your way out, Lieutenant Stavrian."

Stavrian leans over and opens the dryer next to his machine, latch popping. A handful of uniform pieces yanked loose of the washer's spindle, mostly fatigue camo. Socks. Dull gray T-shirts. "Stage sounds more of a challenge. As much as life is, anyway."

Alexander now flips his laundry and he looks back to Stavrian, "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts." He stops right there not wanting to go on. "All of us are actors in our own way, Lieutenant Stavrian, but not all of us realize it." Alexander gives Stavrian a smile, "I'll take your request under serious consideration."

Stavrian's eyes are on what he's doing, pulling apart some wet, tangled jacket sleeves. Those taken care of, the last garment's tossed in the dryer and the machine set to begin rumbling. He wipes his damp hands on the sides of his shirt, picking up the book he left on the table. "And some of us never stop acting." He scratches a hand into his hair and nods to the exit. "I have to go. Duty. Gods watch after you."

Alexander nods his head, "Some of us don't. Gods watch after you as well, Lieutenant."

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