Alexander Aurelia
Mr Alexander Aurelia
Jude Law
Jude Law as Alexander Aurelia
Name: Alexander Aurelia
Alias: Lex
Age: 34
Features: Blonde hair, green eyes, chiseled face
Rank: Mr
Department: Civilian
Position: Famous Actor
Colony: Caprica


Famous Actor and Older Brother to Callista Aurelia.

Immediate Family

Kathleen Callista Aurelia - "I love her dearly since she and I have seen both sides of the family spectrum."

Work Experience

Film: Behind Enemy Lines - Role: Sniper, Johansen Reily. Summary: A group of army soldier were sent to meet up with another company and acquire a specific soldier from a different company to send him home. This was set during the Cylon war.

Film: Echoes and Silence - Role: Aquarian composer, Fransisco Ferdinand. Summary: The life and times of the famed Aquarian Composer.

Film: The Ring - Role: Fictional Aerilonian Boxer, Billy McBarthy. Summary: An Aerilonian tries to get off of the planet using his boxing skills.

Film: The Untouchable - Role: Famed anti-corruption Caprican Quorum Member Franklin Amassas. Summary: Set after the Cylon War one Caprican Quorum Member would fight corrupt deals going on throughout political parties throughout the Colonies.

Film: Passion in a Land of War - Role: Famed Piconese painter Diego De Kim. Summary: The life and times of the troubled life painter surrounded by a military culture.

Film: The Darkness - Role: Edward Jones aka The Darkness. Summary: The pulp superhero the Darkness must save Neverwhere City from the evil forces that wish to destroy it.

Physical Features

Anyone who keeps up with the Entertainment Industry at all will recognize this man, his name is Alexander Aurelius, an actor famous around the Colonies. For those who don't know him he stands at 5'11" or 1.82 m tall. Starting from the top down his hair is currently dirty blonde and it is kept clean and short though it has an almost effortlessly looking cool bedhead look about it that clearly didn't come from the bed. His blue green eyes and complimented by his pale skin. His features are very strongly cut as his jaw and chin are prominent. His build is clearly athletic as he works out, he has the build of an athlete or a celebrity.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • Two Time Winner of the Thespis Award. Best Performance of a Male in a Supporting Role (Behind Enemy Lines) and Best Performance of a Male in a Lead Role (The Untouchable).
  • Uses the Method to Think Out Roles Around Him. Famous for acting like his characters on set even when the camera isn't rolling.
  • Known for Disappearing into his roles and completely becoming a new person.

Recent Logs


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