Alessandra "Lucky" Sophronia
Lieutenant Alessandra Sophronia
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba as Alessandra Sophronia
Alias: Lucky
Age: 31
Features: Dark hair and eyes, cool demeanor
Colony: Picon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air-Wing
Position: Viper Pilot - VF-154 "Black Knights"

On 14 Nov 2041 AE, Lieutenant Alessandra "Lucky" Sophronia was KIA during a battle engagement with Cylons above Aerilon.

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori — It is sweet and fitting to die for one's country.


The latest generation of Sophronia to join the military, Alessandra Sophronia would grow up following after her father. Becoming a Viper pilot, she would eventually come to serve aboard the BS Cerberus.

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Pallas_icon.jpg LT Pallas "Spiral" Ellinon I really don't know what to make of this man. Something has put a chip the size of a Basestar on his shoulder but I can't for the life of me figure out what did so. Merits some investigation, most likely while under the heavy influence of alcohol to ease my pain.
Jayden_icon.jpg LT Jayden "Echo" Ekonomo Seriously the closest thing to a best friend I have. He's nice, he listens and offers advice without being patronizing and he lets me decide when and how affection's shown. He's apparently sweet on me but I'll forgive him for his error of judgement.


  • The name Alessandra is Greek and means 'the protector of mankind' while the surname Sophronia means 'Modest and temperate' in the same tongue.
  • She is very on-her-own-terms as far as giving and being given affection goes. It comes across as her being cold, undoubtedly, but is probably a result of her growing up with a military father who wasn't very forthcoming with anything like hugs, and a mother who tried but could only do so much in this regards.
  • She's very competitive, a trait that is carried with her into the cockpit as well as on the pyramid court and in other aspects of her life. She's not a sore-loser but that doesn't mean she's happy when she does.
  • While taking part in combat against a surprise Cylon Raider attack on Feburary 26th, 2041, Alessandra failed to live up to her callsign. Failing at an attempt at a combat landing, her severely damaged Viper was crashed, injuring her pretty grievously. This was on the tail of an Cylon-induced accident during a demonstration she was taking part in where the debris from a destroyed Viper took out her tail, necessitating in an emergency landing.
  • Suffered more wounds at the hands of the Cylon, these being in thanks to the Centurions that boarded the Cerberus on April 11th, 2041. Gaining several wounds to the chest, she suffered internal bleeding, a punctured lung and massive blood loss.
  • Allie's player has pretty much decided that if Allie was a RL person living today she'd totally be a metal head, something that should obvious when looking at what she has put on her playlist.
  • While on Leonis with the other lost Cerberus people, Allie had a frakking dead bear just about fall on her. Ask her what happened and she could very well look like this while retelling the story:
  • After having a run in with a pack of starved wolves, Alessandra's luck would run out during a scouting mission into the city the next day. Wound up injured by Centurions…again. Shot in the chest…again!…along with her right hand.
  • Has been told playfully that she is insubordinate and doesn't like orders as well as being told she 'enjoys acting as she pleases'. Whether this is a determent or a boon has yet to be revealed.
  • While trying to recover a Viper from the deserted airbase on Leonis, Allie would have the fighter blown up almost literally around her. She survived but sustained some nasty burns to her left hand and lower arm as well as the left side of her neck. !pretty, big time!
  • Suffers from PCS. Currently undiagnosed, she doesn't know what is going on, just that she has started to get headaches, sometimes severe ones, and sometimes she has bad mood swings. (Thanks to Polaris for giving it to her! :D )

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Iron Maiden Wasted Years Somewhere In Time

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