Marvin "Prince" Albert
Lieutenant Marvin Albert
Paul Reubens
Paul Reubens as Marvin Albert
Alias: Prince
Age: 35
Features: Squinty-eyed pervert
Colony: Virgon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air Wing: VAQ-135 "Green Gulls"
Position: ECO


A combat ECO for some 7 years, Marvin "Prince" Albert was among those killed on Warday.

Marv, as he was often called, held advanced degrees in Computer Science and Communications. He also managed to amass what might well be the largest pornography collection in the history of the Colonial military. People tended to either like the guy or find him creepy. Admittedly, even people who liked the guy found him creepy. Lewd gunnery euphemisms abounded whenever he was around.

He is survived by his EPIC pr0n collection, which is said to have been bequeathed to Kal "Bootstrap" Trask.

Service Jacket

Carrier Fighter Wing ONE ONE (CVW-11) VAQ-111: "Wyverns"
Carrier Fighter Wing ONE FOUR (CVW-14) VAQ-135: "Green Gulls"

On the Grid

Known Associates

Trask_icon.jpg Captain Kal "Bootstrap" Trask: When Marv was a shiny new ECO aboard the Chimaera, Trask was an AE Lead and the Deck Chief's second-in-command. They got along well enough, back then, and resumed being pals when they were reunited in the CVW-14.
Inheritor of the EPIC pr0n collection


  • Truly, the pr0n collection is EPIC
  • He was an initiate of the mysteries of penis Dionysus
  • His eulogy was as follows:

"BOOM-SHA-KA-LA-KA!" That would be Trask, who waits just long enough for dramatic effect before adding, "It's just not the same comin' outta someone else's mouth." It's true; Marvin "Prince" Albert loved that exclamation. "Prince was a perv." Also, true. "But damn entertaining." That is subjective. "Never met someone with such an extensive collection of porn, an' I'm a lifer, so that's really sayin' somethin'. He was an a'right guy, an' I'm not sayin' that because he bequeathed me aforementioned extensive collection of porn. I actually knew Prince back in the day, when I was still a knuckledragger and he was a shiny new ECO aboard the Chimaera. Even back then, he was full of lewd gunnery euphemisms, although the ones about facials and missiles weren't limited to launching AP rounds." For the record, Kal is not making this up. "I'm gonna miss that crazy frakker."


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