Air Wing FAQ


The following is a list of pages provided to this community to help detail-oriented Air Wing players get a feel for their IC job. Nothing in here constitutes required reading by any means, but taken together they provide interested players with a valuable resource for adding depth and richness to their RP. The sources for the pictures in these pages are fairly diverse. Where credit is due and known, it is given.


— Unofficial Motto, CVW-14 ("The Fighting Fourteenth")


General FAQs

Title Description
Pilot Slang Pretty self-explanatory. Common terms pilots use, etc. Some of this is fairly vulgar. Like some pilots.
Deck Responsibilities This page gives details about the operations and responsibilities associated with the Deck Team. It covers Damage Control, Pre/Post-Flight operations, and various other things. It's worth a read to learn more about your relationship with your orange-suited underlings!

Raptor FAQs

Title Description
The Raptor Guide A quick and dirty guide to Raptors. This page covers things like sensor suites, different variants, armament loadouts, how to survive being shot down, and all the little details of flying these versatile airframes. The page is offered purely as a reference for those that want to know more about the Raptor's capabilities.
Electronic Warfare A very detailed guide to electronic warfare and how it applies to RP in this theme. There are a lot of technical explanations in here but most of them are accompanied by 'Laymans Terms' to help the rest of us figure out what is being explained. Nothing in here is required reading for ECOs or EW specialists in Tactical, but it might provide some interesting ideas.

Viper FAQs

Title Description
Fighter Missions This section will discuss the operational concept behind fighters, which is important to the successful operations of a fighter group. It talks about the differences in mission profiles and why certain things are more important than others.
Section Tactics and Theory This page goes into detail about why wingmen are important, what their functions are, and how to best employ them as a team-member. Think you're too good for a wingman? Think again!
The Basics of ACM This page covers gunnery principles and some elementary maneuvers that score kills. The concepts explained are fairly basic and the author did their best to keep it as simple as possible. Most of this applies the best in atmospheric conditions, but the principles of conservation of energy, mass, and momentum are still applicable in space. It should be noted, though, that most of this page is dedicated to improving pose quality and cannot be implemented in our +combat system (FS3).
Viper Parts Listing The linked page diagrams some of the major systems that are installed on the Viper Mk. II. Players should feel free to use the information contained to enrich RP or even postulate ideas on how to problem-solve. None of it is required information for RP but merely there to add flavor for the pilots of these craft. There is also a pre-flight checklist for the Viper on this page.
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