Cerberus: Air Wing

Carrier Fighter Wing ONE FOUR (CVW-14)


Insignia of the Fighting Fourteenth.

The Battlestar Cerberus is the new home of CVW-14, a young unit whose lineage dates back to the days of the First Cylon War. Hastily formed from the remnants of the self-defense fleets of Caprica, Aquaria, and Leonis — which had been decimated in the first few days of the war — the Fighting Fourteenth was one of the first integrated Colonial units to find any sort of traction against the rebelling machines. It was CVW-14 that screened Battlestars Atlantia and Columbia during the Second Battle of Picon, sustaining heavy losses while the Colonies' newest battle carriers lifted the siege and liberated the spaceyards nearby; it was CVW-14 that covered the assault on Caprica City, providing close air support for the marines charged with retaking the planet's capital from the Centurions swarming within. Colonial historians credit the success of the Fighting Fourteenth with helping speed the transition from individual Colonial militaries to a single unified Fleet.

CVW-14 has undergone significant changes since its golden years. Many of its constituent squadrons were disbanded or redeployed as part of the Fleet Restructuring Project initiated six months after the end of the war. But despite multiple reorganizations and changes in command, the basic mission of CVW-14 remains the same: to fly, to fight, and to win.

Originally, CVW-14 fielded ten squadrons of Vipers (eight active, two reserve) and five squadrons of Raptors. However, the surprise Cylon attack on 26 February 2041 AE wiped out more than half of the air wing's strength. In total, 101 Vipers and 23 Raptors were lost; several more were damaged beyond repair.

The motto of CVW-14 is "Fortuna favet fortibus": "Fortune favors the bold." Unofficially, its pilots have come up with a slightly more macabre motto, one that reflects the staggering losses sustained:


Viper Squadrons (Active)

Designation Insignia Nickname Spaceframe Primary Mission Motto
VF-154 vf-154.jpg Black Knights Viper Mk. VII Space Superiority Audax at fidelis
VF-211 vf-211.jpg Checkmates Viper Mk. VII Space Superiority Certa cito
VF-213 vf-213.jpg Mighty Lions Viper Mk. VII Space Superiority Vita, veritas, victoria
VFA-146 vfa-146.jpg Full Colors Viper Mk. VII Battlefield Interdiction Mors ab alto

Raptor Squadrons (Active)

Designation Insignia Nickname Spaceframe Primary Mission Motto
VAQ-141 vaq-141.jpg Harriers Raptor Assault Nec temere, nec timide
VAW-11 vaw-11.jpg Early Elevens Raptor Electronic Warfare Fides invicta triumphat
VRC-30 vrc-30.jpg Providers Raptor Logistics and Support Fulcio alius

Training Squadrons (Reserve)

Designation Insignia Nickname Spaceframe Primary Mission Motto
VT-27 vt-27.jpg Hyperlights Viper Mk. II/T
Viper Mk. VII/T
Pilot Training Audi et aude

Defunct Squadrons

VSP-101 vsp-101.jpg Snow Petrels Viper Mk. II Colonial Fleet Reserve (Picon);
folded into the Black Knights
Aeternus adiuvo

Destroyed Squadrons


VFA-24 vfa-25.jpg Thunderheads Viper Mk. VII Battlefield Interdiction Nil satis nisi optimum
VFA-81 vfa-81.jpg Sunliners Viper Mk. VII Battlefield Interdiction Nec aspera terrent
VFA-115 vfa-115.jpg Eagles Viper Mk. VII Close Air Support Provehito in altum
VFA-137 vfa-137.jpg Kestrels Viper Mk. VII Close Air Support Nunquam fractum
VAQ-135 vaq-135.jpg Green Gulls Raptor Assault Custos caelorum
VAW-120 vaw-120.jpg Silver Hawks Raptor Electronic Warfare Ubique
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