PHD #350: After the Aftermath
After the Aftermath
Summary: Comes the clean-up, some apologies, and speculation.
Date: 11 Feb 2042 AE
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Bannik Devlin Wade 
Port Hangar Deck
Full of busted planes.
Post-Holocaust Day: #350

After the chaos is over, there's the grind. It's just as important as the chaos — mind — but it doesn't have the same frenetic pace as what happened before. Tyr, for his part, doesn't look like he's stepped off the Deck since Condition 1 was called; it may well be because he hasn't. He's overseeing a small team of junior techs, pointing at one of the busted Raptors off to the side. "We need an electronics work up on that one," he's saying. "So we can get it prioritized, okay? I don't even know if we'll have the parts, but — we need to know what we're looking at."

Wherever Devlin has been, it doesn't look like he's been doing much relaxing either. Still in his flightsuit, though he's at least peeled the top off and tied it around his waist, he heads back onto the deck, looking around for a minute or two before spotting the Specialist he's looking for. He walks toward Bannik, but doesn't approach or greet him just yet, hovering out of the way until that little briefing is completed.

Wade, is doing what he told Damon he would do, before leaving on that CAP. Right now, the man is wearing orange overalls, Deck standard. He is standing next to BlackKnight-662, his favorite bird and the one he has been using since he was rescued from Leonis. There is a side panel open, showing a line of black tubes that are covering a second line of multicolored cables. He approaches the bird and takes a small computer that he is carrying, hooking it into a terminal inside that panel. He looks over his shoulder to see what Bannik is doing, by doing so, he also spots Decoy and he offers a nod to him.

The Crewmen that Bannik was talking to scamper off, and Tyr brings his head up from his clipboard, perhaps 'seeing' the Deck for the first time in a while. And that's when he notices Devlin. "Decoy! Hey!" Using his hand with the clipboard, the tech waves the pilot over. "You got sprung. Good. How's Bubbles doing? Have you seen her?"

Devlin nods to Wade, lifting a hand in a bit of a wave to the lieutenant before turning back to Bannik. He heads over, nodding, "Yeah, Toast came and got me right away. She's okay," he says of Bubbles, nodding quickly, "I've been there… well, since I got out." So, hours. "Concussion, burns, smoke inhalation," he explains, "But they say she's gonna be fine. They've got her jacked up on meds so she's sleeping."

Wade frowns as a couple red lights flash on his diagnosis screen. He looks at the bird and pets her side "Almost there." Now, he shuts down that monitor and looks over his shoulder when Bubbles is mentioned. He clears the area of hazardous items and then makes his way to where Bannik and Decoy are "Hey guys" says the man now, offering a nod to both. He hears that last part and a smile forms on his lips "She is? Good, good…" Yeah, he's happy about that one "I'm glad the CAG got you out."

Bannik nods once at that, seemingly reassured. "Good. Well, she's in good hands, right?" He musters up a little smile for the pilot. "I'm sure she'll be just fine. She's a tough one." A beat. "How are you doing?"

Devlin nods along with Wade and Bannik, confirming, "Yeah, yeah," and then somewhat more specifically, "Yeah, she is." He smiles a little, crookedly, "She sounds like a tranny who smokes three packs a day when she tries to talk and they cut her hair real short 'cause it burned or something and she's gonna hate it when she realizes. But yeah, she'll be okay soon." He scrubs hands over his face and head and nods, "I'm okay. I've got CAP in an hour or so. I just wanted to come say sorry for skipping out on post-flight," he tells Bannik, "That wasn't cool, I know you guys've got enough to do without my work, I just… Sorry about that."

Wade looks at the interaction between Bannik and Decoy for a moment and then says "I should visit her, I'll make sure to do that as soon as I'm done here, gotta get these ladies back into shape" There is a faint smile on his lips but he doesn't say anything else. He takes a deep breath and looks over his shoulder at all the birds that have 'Down for Repairs' marked on them, there are a lot. "We took quite a beating" says the man, not really aimed to anyone, just throwing it out there.

"You should have seen the other guys," Bannik manages to smirk to Wade, even as he turns back towards Devlin. "Oh. Hey. Man. No problem." He pats the pilot's shoulder with his free hand. "I was really just trying to get Bubbles off your mind — give you something to do — so the medics could do their work. But you know what? If she was my wife, I probably would have bolted out of there, too. So." He nods. "Anyhow. I'm sure she'll hate the hair, but she'll still look like a frakkin' goddess, right? I mean, she's Bubbles." Tyr tries to move back into 'cheering up' territory.

"Yeah, I think she'll be up in a couple hours," Devlin nods to Wade, "I'm sure she'd like the company. She can't talk a whole lot, has to keep the oxygen mask on, but she kinda mumbles and I guess." He smiles a little, and then pats Bannik's shoulder in return, nodding, "Thanks, man. No, I get it, totally. I appreciate you trying, you know?" As for the hair, he chuckles and nods, "Oh yeah, for sure. It'll take a little getting used to, but there's no way she won't still be hot. That doesn't happen." He glances back to Wade then and nods, "Yeah, that was crazy. How's your bird looking?" After a brief pause, "How's mine looking? I should check it out."

"The Raiders?" asks Wade to Bannik "I saw those, up close an personal" He smiles a little bit at this and then nods again "Alright, I'll take her a small notebook with a pen, to write…if she doesn't have one already of course" Now, he laughs with some amusement "Now now, don't let your ego go up, we know you have a really pretty wife." He's joking of course. Now, he looks over 662 and says "She's getting there, I still have to fix a couple things like the life support systems and yours…" he looks at 309 and adds "It's not in a bad shape, in all honesty. I think that they'll be up and running by tomorrow, or maybe earlier. He looks at Bannik and asks "What do you think?"

While Wade eyes up the ship, Bannik grabs a clipboard containing his notes and assessments from his survey. "Yeah. Not bad at all. It's really more of a patch job to the left wing," he explains to the two pilots. "We've got some of our mechanical and structural recruits on it. She'll be good to go in no time" He places back down the board. "How are you doing, though, Drips? Hanging in there?"

"The raiders were kinda weird," Devlin says, looking to Wade, "Right? They had, like…" he rakes three fingers down the side of his face, "Like slashes? Or something? I wasn't really paying attention before, I kinda get in a zone. But that was weird." He looks back to the planes and listens, nodding along, "Yeah, wasn't a bad hit, really, just tweaked it a little. Good. Yeah, how are you, man? Did you ever get checked out?" he asks, "I'm sorry you had to go right back out on CAP."

Wade spaces out looking at 662 for a moment but Bannik's question brings him back to reality "Huh? Oh, sorry, I was distracted. Yeah, I'm doing ok I'm just a little tired, but aren't we all?" he smiles at this and then looks at Decoy, nodding "Yeah, three slashes if I'm not mistaken and…the others did too. Looked like, war marks if you ask me." As for the rest, he nods again "I'm fine, I'm fine…I got one of the medics take a look at my neck after I came back from CAP, nothing major. And no worries on that man, I'm glad you got to see Bubbles."

"Uh. Well. You know. A lot of people are saying that the Raiders are like — some biological-mechanical hybrid." Ah, those elusive 'a lot of people.' Bannik offers up his theory. "Like, when we sliced one open we found something that looked like it might be a brain or something. So maybe they have — some sort of group behavior. Or packs. Like animals."

"Oh, you did?" Devlin nods as Wade mentions getting checked out, "That's good, cool. I'm glad. And yeah… thanks for trying," he adds with a bit of crooked smile that's not quite a smile, "To take my spot, I mean. You know." He looks back to the planes and then Bannik and brows rise, "A brain? Seriously? That's nuts. So maybe they were, like… pack markings, or something? Like to tell them apart? Weird. I guess that makes as much sense as anything. Dunno why they'd get made that way on purpose otherwise, didn't seem to do anything to their flying."

Wade nods to Devlin "Yeah, I didn't even have to go to Sickbay or anything." says the man and then nods with a faint smile "Don't mention it" Now, he looks at Bannik and presses his lips together "That makes a whole lot of sense. I mean, when we destroy one, you can see the blood and…guts and…whatever is in there. The pack markings are something new tho, I've never seen that before."

"Well. Maybe it's like how we put kill marks or — you know — we used to put personal markings on Vipers. It'd be a way to identify particular raiders or show who's a hot shit raider or something." Bannik is just engaging in rank speculation now, but isn't that what these pick-up Deck conversations are for? Speculation without any evidence?

"Cool, man, glad you're okay," Devlin says to Wade, thumping him on the shoulder and then running a hand through his hair again, considering. "Yeah, never seen marks like that before. But if they were all kills or, like… for aces or something… how come they all had them? Didn't really help tell between them. Guess they could have six dozen aces. Who knows, right? Shit, there were so many."

Wade nods and offers a smile "Thanks." He takes a deep breath after this and rubs his eyes with his fingers "Marks like those in particular? No. I mean…not on a Raider. Those were very…specific, you know?" Now he nods at the thought being offered and adds "I'm not sure if they were 'kill' marks per se, they all had the same I think." Now he nods at Decoy "And they were a whole bunch, and I don't know from where the hell they were coming."

There goes Tyr's first theory. "Maybe they're like squadron marks. Maybe they show who's elite and stuff. Like, maybe those were the Aerion of the Cylons, those Raiders there." He's got one backed up just in case.

"Yeah, they mostly looked the same to me," Devlin nods, "Or they all had three anyway, I think. Don't remember if they were all in the same place or not. But yeah," he nods at Bannik, "Maybe it's like a squadron thing. That'd make sense. But yeah, they just appeared out of nowhere. So frakking many. Have you ever seen that many without a basestar before?"

"Could be a Squadron thing." says Wade, nodding at that since Bannik and Decoy have a point there. Now, he shakes his head and adds "Not without a basestar, no. But then again, they could have being coming out of one and jumping to designated coordinates. In some way, that's one advantage that they have over Vipers." To this, he shrugs and says "Or a curse, if you don't have someone to save your ass in case of heavy damage" He smiles a little and then says "I'm actually quite intrigued, I want to know where they came from."

"I don't know. I mean, they have jump capability. Who says that they even need a base star? I mean — maybe they can just roam out there, like some super-elite squadron that's just — popping out and going to get us?" Bannik delves into conspiracy theory land now. "Who can even say we know how the Cylons work?"

"Yeah, being able to jump would be handy," Devlin nods, "I mean for recons and on that foundry job and stuff we could've just jumped in instead of Cerberus having to go so close, you know? It'd be safer. Plus we wouldn't have to RTB and hold them up that way, we could just jump with the rest of the fleet. How come Vipers don't have FTL, anyways?" he asks, curious now. As for the raiders he nods, "Yeah, I wonder how they found us? Just luck? I guess if there're really that many and they can jump around they could cover a lot of space real fast."

Wade rubs his fingers over his chin, pondering about Bannik's words for a moment "But they would still need a fuel source, something's gotta feed those engines. If they run out of fuel, they are sitting ducks, just like us if we run out of it." He clears his throat and then looks at Decoy "It would be hard to fit an FTL drive on a Viper, at least the kind we are familiar with. The birds are too small. "I have no idea how the found us, which…" he looks at Bannik now "Which you say is true, we have no clue how they work" Scary thought. "And something tells me this is not the last time we see a group like that, as bad as it sounds"

"Yeah. Totally. Vipers are too small; engines are too big. We can try to cut down on our fuel consumption on the Raptors and extend their range using what we're learning from Cylon tech, but a jump-capable Viper." Bannik just shakes his head. "Anyhow, guys, I need to get off to working on the birds. You take care, huh? Tell Bubbles she's in my prayers, Decoy."

"Oh, I guess that makes sense," Devlin nods, "I've never really seen the FTL bit of an engine by itself," he admits, "So I'll take your word for it. But yeah, even raiders need fuel. I'd think, anyway. Maybe they can just, like… eat bits of things they destroy. If they're partly alive, why not, right?" He scrubs at his hair again and admits, "I think I'm remembering a horror movie now. And I hope you're wrong, Drips." He rubs absently at the dogtags and medallions under his tanktop and then smiles at Bannik, "I'll tell her. She was glad to hear you're working on her plane. See you around, Ban." He waves.

"Eat bits?" asks Wade to Decoy "I'm…" he stops himself and tries to see it. "I don't think I've seen them doing that but, I do think I know which horror movie you are talking about" Now, he nods at this and takes a deep breath "I hope so too, Decoy. We suffered enough damage the last time." He nods "We'll see…" Now, he looks at Bannik and offers a smile to the man "Take care man, I'll keep working on 662 in a bit."

"Yeah, I've never seen them have mouths or anything, except in that movie," Devlin admits, not that he seems displeased to do so. He shakes his head, "Man, that movie was so bad." He is quiet for a moment and then nods, "Yeah, I hope so too. Alright, I've gotta go get ready for CAP in a bit. I'll see you later, Drips." He pats him on the shoulder again, and then turns to head off.

Wade chuckles a little at that movie and then nods to Decoy "Alright. Clear eyes and steady hands out there Decoy, I'll see you later." He nods to him and turns around, moving back to the lovely 662.

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