BCH #008: Aerilon and Accents
Aerilon and Accents
Summary: Alexander and Margaret meet in the Athletics Area.
Date: 2.18.2041
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Margaret Alexander 

Athletics Area

A large pair of mats dominates the center of this room, their centers taped-out for a small area to practice boxing or other martial arts. Around the outside are treadmills, bikes, weights, and an impressive variety of gym equipment to help tone and shape the bodies of the crew. To one side of the room is the locker room while at the rear is a hatch that leads back to the oversized swimming pool. Off to the side is a rack that holds boxing gloves, pugil sticks, and the associated pads for the sticks.

Margaret is working out with another large marine. The two are in loose-fitting practice clothes, slowly circling each other with surprising grace despite their size. Suddenly then come together in a flurry of blows and an audible thump. Almost too fast to follow until suddenly Meg gets a decent grip on an arm, then pivots and tosses him over her hip. Quick as a flash her bulky form comes down on his back, and her arm around his throat, after a few moments he taps out and then get off and seperate with some mutal back slapping, Meg making her way over to benches around the side as another two start up.

The hatchway opens and one famous Caprican makes his way into the room. Marines might know him as the actor who played the sniper in Behind Enemy Lines but he has been in so many other roles. As he steps into the athletic area he stops to survery the equipment and he also spots the marine aparently throwing practice blows with another marine. "Is this a private sort of work out or can anyone work out with you?" Alexander asks Margaret.

Margaret cracks her neck from side to side with a towel over the back of her neck and head. As she is addressed she looks up and blinks, brow furrowing just a little "Don't rightly know the frakkin regs on civilians in here" she admits, her voice a touch absent as if distracted by something "Anyone ever told you you look a lot like…wait scuttlebut says…frack me bleedin sideways you are Alexander Aurelia ain't you?"

Alexander grins a movie star grin, "I am one and the same but you have me at a disadvantage, you are?" He asks as he studies the marine in front of him looking utterly charming and yet utterly interested in the marine in front of him. "As for the regs, I am allowed in all common areas of the ship. I can show you my documentation if you would like?" He asks Margaret as he watches the other marine she just tapped out walk off.

Margaret gets up, moving smoothly despite her rather hefty bulk "Corporal Margaret Tiran sir" she says in her heavy Aerilon accented, offering a large hand over, scarred and calloused from years of hard labour "Charlie three two actual" she adds in the arcane marine terminology.

"Well, Charlie Three Two Actual ala known as Corporal Margaret Tiran, it is a pleasure to meet you and please call me Alexander, not sir." Alexander says this to Margaret with a charming movie star grin the kind where his eyes sparkle a bit and this time instead of his mouth being utterly wide with a small it is softer and smaller, "You are from Aerilon? I lived there for a while you know when I made the movie The Ring. I wanted to learn more about culture and life on Aerilon. I liked it there."

Rumor has it among Aerilonians Alexander even fought in some local matches back on Aerilon.

"Yes sir" Margaret replies rather formaly, not quite standing at attention but she keeps her bulky form very upright and attentive "Sorry sir that means I am the bleedin team leader for the third fireteam, second squad Charlie platoon" she explains then pauses and blinks, tilting her head "More about Aerilon sir?" she asks with a faint smile "Woods, farms and frakkin 'ard men and women sir. Not much too it if you are from bleedin Caprica sir"

Alexander shakes his head, "I'm from Caprica and I liked it there. No one bothered me for my film work. I mean when I first arrived people were a bit cautious but then again, aren't all people cautious around a stranger. Though after the first month I managed to settle in and after that I was meeting the most interesting and unique people. I did meet one young kid, he wanted to be a film director. He had a huge passion for movies, so I got him in contact with some people and I do believe he is making big budget movies on Aerilon now. Hm, maybe I should call him to see if he has a part for me after this next film I am making." Alexander looks at Margaret, "And to be honest with you I thought Aerilon was nice, back where I come from people can put on airs so you never know how they are feeling really but when I was on Aerilon people were honest, brutally so. I appreciated that at the time and I still do."

Margaret shifts a little as she considers, then lifts her heavy shoulders in a brief shrug "I guess it ain't all that bleedin unusual when it is pretty much all you know sir" she rumbles at last, looking away with a faint smile "Interestin' 'is family let 'im. Most want all 'ands they can on the farm. I guess art ain't seen as too important" she says a little cautiously, offering another brief shrug and a small smile.

Alexander looks at Margaret and he says, "Everything is art. The question is do we see it as art. For example, you just took an enemy down in mock combat, that in its own way is art. Poetry in motion as strength, speed, and stamina all meet together to create a sense of fluidity in motion that allowed you to win the match or it could also be seen as art as it is the noble struggle of two sides to beat each other in physical actions." Alexander shrugs, "Though I also see your point, when it is a matter of suvival it may not be seen as art." Alexander asks Margaret, "How long have you been in the Marines?"

"Sir it's bleedin combat" Margaret replies simply with a faint trace of a smile and a shake of her head "Not poetry. Two people tryin' to kill or disable each other" she rumbles with a small motion of her hand "'ow long sir?" she asks, smile broadening "I'm a Tiran, joke is we are born with a frakkin rifle in one 'and and bleedin salutin' with the other" she says with a broader smile "But I signed up soon as I 'it bloody seventeen, so about five years now"

"Oh, I don't know I do see something poetic about combat, in a philisophical sense, not in a acctual combat sort of sense. Real combat is brutal, bloody, and it leaves people cut to pieces." Alexander shakes his head, "Though sometimes I guess wars are neccessary." There is a pause as he listens to Margaret speak and then he asks, "Seventeen, did you lie about your age or did you get special permission to join early?" It would appear that Alexander isn't making any judgments at all regarding Margaret as much as he is attempting to learn her story, "And it sounds like your family must come from a long line of men and women who have served the fleet."

Margaret pauses a moment as she considers Alexander carefully "You been in combat sir?" she asks quietly then shrugs one shoulder, reaching up to adjust her towel a touch uncomfortably "Anyway 'long as you 'ave your parents consent you can enlist at frakkin seventeen sir. And I 'ad a bit bloody more than just my folks permission" she rumbles wryly "Yeah, been Tirans in the corps since there was a bleedin corps…" she says with a trace of pride in her accented voice "…back to the Aerilon volunteer brigades in the Great Civil war"

Alexander raises an eyebrow, "So, you don't want to take me up on a sparring partner then? Then you can find out if I have been in combat." He is half joking and half serious, "I have been in combat in the movies and I've seen been part of recreating huge portions of history on Behind Enemy Lines. It is a scary thing to see five thousand men running up on a 'Cylon' position in order to take it. Even when you know it is fake it can be a bit much." The actor asks as he watches the younger woman and he says, "And good on your family for being heroes for so long. I would imagine it must be an honor to serve the fleet in such a way and to come from such a strong family."

Margaret pauses a moment then shakes her head with a brief smile "Top would 'ave the bleedin skin off my back if I laid a frakkin 'and on you sir" she replies with another small shrug "And only just got up to frakkin corporal" she says a touch drily "Anyway, I guess. Well it's what we frakkin do aye?" she says simply "Well that and work the land"

"Both noble professions in their own way." Alexander says admirably, "And I suppose your superiors wouldn't like it but I've always wanted to test my metal against a Marine." There is a slight frown though perhaps he can try again later, "Congratulations on making Corporal. You must be thrilled." Alexander then asks, "If you don't mind my asking what do you think of the pilots on this ship? You see, I'm going to make a new movie and I will be playing an officer of some sort so I am doing research into what makes the fleet tick. I've studied with the army and I even went through boot camp if you can believe that for my first big movie. So, I have a fairly good understanding of what some of the particulars of what Marine life is like but I would love to know your perspectives on the various officers and aspects of Fleet life."

"Wouldn't want you to get bleedin hurt sir" Margaret says with all apparently sincerity to the actor, although there is perhaps a faint glint of mischief in her gunmetal eyes. She shifts a little then offers a brief smile "Step up, frakkin sargeant is the big step" she says then at the other question she stops silent for a few moment "Sorry sir, I think that is something you will need to be speakin to my superiors about" she says at last, her voice firm.

"Every step is a step towards Sargeant I would think. So, give it a bit longer and you will make Seargent. All things come with work. I didn't make it as an actor over night. I put in years of training and bit parts. Trust me look hard enough and you will find me as a teenage in some of the worst movies ever developed for human beings to see. So, we take our lumps and we move on." Alexander smiles, "And don't worry about me being hurt, I've fought in the ring before, though I see your point and I'd rather not get anyone in trouble." Alexander looks back over at Margaret, "And you still haven't answered my question Corporal."

Margaret pauses a moment her brow furrowing as she thinks back "Which question would that be sir?" she says, shifting to stand a little more upright again "Sorry sir, been a few of them. Not that I frakkin mind at all" she adds a touch hastily "'ell I suspect most of my bunkmates will be right frakkin jealous" she says with a wry snort.

"What do you think about the pilots or other officers on this ship?" Alexander asks Margaret curiously, "Lets start with the pilots and then move to say Deck Hands, after that, what about Medical or CIC?" Alexander needs this information so that he can better inform himself as an actor to play an officer on the screen, "And sometimes a little jealousy is a good thing."

"Ah that is the one I will 'ave to refer you to my bleedin superiors on sir" Margaret clarifies with a polite smile, her heavy shoulders lifting in a small shrug "Not sure they would be wantin's blunt opinions being given to civilians sir. 'course if you get the go ahead be 'appy to talk if you think my opinion means frak all" she says with a low chuckle.

Alexander shakes his head, "That is why I am here. I'm the QUODEL Goodwill Ambassador and I'm here to do research for my next film. The more I know the better I can serve the Fleet when I make the movie?"

"Fair enough sir" Margaret replies. She pauses a little to consider, her smile fading to a strictly polite expression as her hands drop down to her sides "Well sir, there is some friendly rivalry between services, but when you bleedin come down to it we are all 'ere for the same reason. Protect the twelve colonies" she says formaly.

"Alexander, please. All of this sirring stuff will make me think I am my father." There is a mischieveous grin to Margaret and he says, "Friendly rivialry I understand and I agree with you. It all boils down to protecting the colonies but everyone has a different reason for signing on. Some seem to come from a long line of military service like yourself. Others have their own stories and agendas." Alexander shakes his head, "And you don't have to be so formal, there is no notebook in my hand or tape recorder on me. Right now Corporal you and I are having a friendly conversation."

One side of Margaret's mouth curves into a faint smile as she shakes her head "Sir.." she begins then pauses another moment and shakes her head "I can't be talkin entirely freely with you aye? sure you understand. But I can tell you pretty much all ye want to know about the corps" she offers with a more genuine smile.

Alexander understands completely and he is not trying to be subversive in any way, "I completely respect what you have to say and I'm not pushing. I promise. I would hate to see anyone get in trouble on my account since I am here to gather research and not to make waves." There is a pause and then a thoughtful follow up, "Perhaps you have a question for me?"

Margaret nods once briefly towards the actor "Yes sir, thank you sir" she pauses a moment and scuffs her foot briefly as her gaze shifts away briefly as she thinks "Now you have me on the bleedin spot" she admits with a faint smile "See I don't watch all that many frakkin movies" she admits as her expression turns wry.

"Well, I was thinking you might have questions about what it means to be a celebrity or what life is like on Caprica?" Alexander says with a smile, "And I'm not trying to put you on the spot as much as I am making conversation."

Margaret reaches up to scratch the side of her face, a faintly wry smile returning "Well, never really been givin it too much bleedin thought" she admits with a brief shrug "Not somethin that was ever frakkin goin to be happenin to me. Still I bet you do a lot less bloody drill than we do. Probably less cleanin out the soodin 'ead too"

Alexander thinks about that for a moment, "Well, we all do our drills. Back home I have a personal trainer who is constantly drilling me." He grins and he pats his chest, "If you think these abs and this ass comes from no where you must be sorely mistaken." The actor says with a cheeky wink, "Still though, I do my share of workouts. Though I mostly train for looks and not for over all stamina or speed. As for cleaning out the head, I do not normally clean out the head but I do my fair share of sitting in Entertainment Industry filth. Terrible men and women who care nothing for art and only want to make money."

"I think your frakkin pay scale is a wee bit 'igher than mine sir" Margaret points out with a brief smile, not seemingly too worried about that. Rubbing her chin she nods to the bench and takes a seat herself "Less chance of catchin a soddin bullet, although truth be frakkin told" she says with a glance around "Shakedown cruise like this, going to spend most it patrollin, workin out or losin at triad" she says with a low chuckle.

There is a brief chuckle from the man with the crystal blue eyes and he the actor says, "Well, I get the higher pay but I don't know if I deserve it. Right now I'm involved with a charity to raise awareness for the needs of children on Sagittaron. Some of those children are in bad shape." Alexander says sadly and so he attempts to refocus himself, "As for catching bullets I would rather not. This sounds like a good cruise to get to know what the people of the Fleet are like you know? Losing at triad, working out, and patrolling sounds like a good life. Almost a relaxing one."

Margaret looks to Alexander steadily for several moments and then chuckles "Sleepin in barracks with frakkin dozens of others bleedin fartin and snorin, sod-all privacy, very little say on what you 'ave to do each day. No fresh 'air, dubious bleedin food. And always the frakkin possibility of eatin vaccum one day" she says, couting them off on her fingers "Not quite so bleedin relaxin aye?"

Alexander nods his head ever so slightly in agreement, "I know, try staying in the Guest Berthings. We are all in bunks as well. It is quite humbling really. I sort of enjoy it but I can't lie and say that a private bed back on Caprica wouldn't be wonderful either." There is a grin followed by a slightly personal question, though not a military one, "If you were suddenly let out of service, honorably, what is the first thing you would do?"

"Try to think up a good bleedin story to tell my folks" Margaret offers in reply, a crooked smile touching her lips "Probably 'ead back 'ome. Maybe grow me 'air out a wee bit" she says, reaching up to idly rub at the stubble on her scalp.

The Caprican smiles as he studies Margaret and he says, "That sounds like a good plan." There is a pause, "Hey, I've got an idea, I want to immitate the Aerilonian accent to see if I still have it down pat. If you'd like you can try to guess what part of Aerilon I am from?" There is a cheeky grin on Alexander's face, "Sound fun?"

Margaret looks towards Alexander and snorts once, tilting her head to one side "Most of us who 'ead off planet do all they bleedin can to lose the accent" she says dryly "Otherwise folks think we ain't nothin but a bloody bumpkin. 'course it counts for something in the corps" she says whilst leaning back a little "we are the soddin backbone of the frakkin noncoms"

"Aye, 'en again most uv 'em 're daft iffn yer askin' meh. I dinna understan wei people think the accent 's seo poor consinderin' how rich the timbre of the dialect 's." This comes out naturally from Alexander as if he were born and raised on Aerilon and just as quickly he shifts back, "So, how was that? What part of Aerilon do you think I am from with that accent?" The actor looks a bit sheepish at how easily he can switch in and out of accents and he is mostly trying to get a laugh out of Maragaret rather than attempting to show off.

Margaret listens and chuckles wryly "Well not all of us 'ave an accent quite that thick sir" she protests slightly although truth be told hers pretty much is "But you do a right good job 'specialy compared to a lot of folks who be tryin to sound like us" she says with a faint snort.

Alexander grins a little at the compliment and he even blushes just ever so slightly as he gives a boyish grin back to Margaret, "I had to make it that thick for the role I was playing. I was from out in the Northernlands when I was in the Ring." Alexander then adds, "Though I am glad I meet your level of approval." The snort is taken to be a laugh as is the chuckle and the entertainer has at least in part achieved his goal, "I've honestly never understood why the other Colonies downplay the Aerilonian accent so much? What makes it different from any other manner of speech?"

Margaret considers for a moment and then shrugs her heavy shoulders "Well it don't be soundin too pretty" she admits readily enough. Pausing she picks up her water bottle and takes a swallow before offering it over politely "Truth be bloody told most of us -are- farmers, and well I sure as soddin 'ell ain't that well educated"

Alexander rolls his eyes for a moment but not at Margaret, "You know, I bet if I put you in a room full of high society Capricans you would find that they would say all sorts of horrid, untrue, and completely uneducated things. Education, real education is putting aside ones ego to learn about the world around them. I am a fan of that. I've never really had a college education but I spent my time studying with some of the masters to become a better actor and the first thing I learned was my ego had to go out the door. I'm sure I could learn just as much from a farmer as I could from a professor, the difference is that they are working with different kinds of intelligence. Take a professor, say, the world was going to end all of the sudden. Who is suddenly more important a professor who knows about applied theoretical physics or a farmer who knows how to feed people?"

"Well I think we are pretty bleedin safe from the world endin any frakkin time soon" Margaret replies as she gets up to her feet slowly "However if you will excuse me I need to hit the showers and then get me some bleedin rack time before knockin my fireteam into somethin resemblin proper miltiary frakkin order" she says with a faint snort "Nice to meet you though sir"

"Nice to meet you Corporal, have a good day or is it evening?" Alexander shakes his head and looks up at the ceiling, "I get so confused here since I can't see the sun." There is a small smile followed by a bow, "And let me know what your superiors say about an interview. In fact, if I can I would like to interview them as well."

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