Aeolus "Grasshopper" Mavros
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Aeolus Jason Mavros
Mark Salling
Mark Salling as Aeolus Jason Mavros
Alias: Grasshopper, A.J.
Age: 25
Features: Dark hair, dark eyes, dark expression.
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: Air Wing: VAQ-141 "Harriers"
Position: Raptor Pilot


Aeolus Jason Mavros, also known as A.J., was born on Aquaria to a poorer family living on the edge of one of the major resorts. His father is unknown; his mother worked at the resort as a janitor, at first, then a member of its concierge staff. His ticket off of the resort planet was to excel in sports — specifically, Pyramid. An individual and team competitor, he won the attention of recruiters and scouts, and took an offer from Picon's Flight School to be a student-athlete.

At Picon, he excelled both as a player of Pyramid, and as a Raptor Pilot. When a fellow student was killed in a training accident, however, Aeolus was summoned to a court-martial for his alleged involvement. Although exonerated, the scandal of that death had a profound effect on his performance in classes and on the Pyramid Court. He would graduate, though, with significant honors, and was stationed on the Battlestar Bellerophon.

On the Bellerophon, he made few friends. Whatever happened at Picon, he didn't want to talk about it. Some called him "Stormy", because he was always in a bad mood; some called him "Morpheus", for being boring to the point of sleep; and others called him "Cactus" — big, boring, and prickly. Still, his work was steady, his wits sharp, and it is rumored he set a record on the ship for amount of time spent in the simulator without getting reprimanded. After being promoted, he was then transferred to the new Cerberus. That probably means he's worth something more as a pilot than as a shipmate.

Immediate Family

Tethys Mavros (Mother): A concierge manager at the Gelagos Resort on Aquaria. She has no connections to the military, and currently lives alone in a house on the outskirts of Torino, the town in which the Gelagos Resort may be found. Considered one of the Top 100 places to visit on the colony, her position brings her some prestige. Her son is a source of joy for her.

Service Jacket

Battlestar Bellerophon (2 years): Recommended for promotion just days before his transfer to the Battlestar Cerberus. A.J. stood out in many ways from his peers: he was known for volunteering for random assignments, and really seemed to dive into his work. Out of all of the Ensigns assigned at the Bellerophon at that time, A.J. was the only one to have a perfect attendance record at all meetings, voluntary and mandatory. His service was, in short, outstanding, from a technical point of view. However, A.J. didn't have many friends, and at least a few ECOs described feeling uncomfortable working with him due to his demeanor. Although being shy isn't usually a problem, A.J.'s attitude borders on anti-social and truculent. It's possible that what happened at Picon still keeps him up at night as well: his record shows at least two trips to the ship's infirmary for complaints of insomnia.

Physical Features

For a pilot, A.J. is tall and athletic. He's built like a professional Pyramid player: rugged, solid, and hard. His hands are almost abnormally large. Despite being on ships all of the time, he has a tan complexion. However, everything else about him seems cold. Dark eyes hide under a solid brow, and his dark hair is cut short to his head. His face is usually pressed into a permanent scowl.

On the Grid

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