PHD #170: AAR - Virgon Recon III


15 Aug 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Cidra Hahn
TO: COL A. Pewter
CC: MAJ C. Tillman, et. al.
RE: Renewed Virgon Reconnaissance


At approximately 06:15 15 Aug 2041 AE, Raptor team consisting of myself and LTJG Daisy McCoy commenced jump back to the colony of Virgon as part of renewed reconnaissance efforts. Jump series was completed successfully into long-range location from the planet where we had previously been able to maneuver largely without encountering of immediate Cylon contact. However, upon arrival we were almost immediately detected by long-range Raider patrols. Cylon presence around the planet is both farther out than it was before and more heavily fortified than we have previously witnessed. 10 basestars were detected on DRADIS around the planet before enemy presence necessitated RTB.

In addition to the increased Cylon defenses around Virgon, enemy also appears to be undertaking extensive salvage efforts of the area that has come to be called the "Virgon Graveyard." Anything resembling Raider debris has been cleared out and we photographed what appear to be Centurions and humanoid Cylons in spacesuits working on extracting useable metals from the hulls of the Colonial ships.



OOC: To save time and sanity this was done off-camera. Pertinent info all included above.

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