PHD #002: AAR - Virgon Recon


28 Feb 2041 AE

FR: Captain Margaret Quinn, Harrier's Squadron Leader
TO: Major Cidra Hahn
CC: Captain Clive Tillman, Rear Admiral Michael Abbot
RE: Recon of Virgon


At approximately 2000 hours on 2.28.2041, we jumped Raptor-505 back to Virgon in order to gain reconnaissance on what happened to the large part of the fleet which met there several days earlier. Upon jumping in, the Raptor nearly collided with the wreckage of a Viper. We managed to dodge around the debris only to reveal the destruction beyond. No Battlestars left on the scene appeared to be in working order. By rough count, there were at least fourty dead Battlestars and dozens of dead civilian ships in high orbit around Virgon. As for Virgon itself, the planet appeared to have taken as much nuclear damage as Picon. The entire atmosphere was filled with nuclear ash.

Lieutenants Trask and Oberlin managed to gain deeper readings, all of which accompany this report. Further analysis will be needed to ascertain exactly how many destroyed Battlestars were left behind. We then diverted course after receiving flashing SOS signals from a small craft to our starboard. There was one survivor in an EVA suit. We conducted SAR and brought the survivor aboard. Once on board, he was found to be a Viper pilot by the rank of Major. He seemed mentally destablized, possibly from heavy radiation damage and long term exposure. He insisted the events could not have occurred as they did and gave orders to jump back to Picon. When I attempted to relieve him of duty and explain the destruction at Picon, he persisted in disbelieving and drew his weapon on Lieutenant Trask while repeating his orders to Picon. Lieutenant Stavrian attempted to administer medical care, but the extremely ill Major refused. He would not sway from his orders to jump to Picon and eventually became violent. Lieutenant Stavrian then acted to swiftly disarm the Major before he could cause further harm, taking him down, but the firearm accidentally discharged in the struggle. The bullet went through our windshield, decompressing the inside of the Raptor. The Major had his helmet off due to vomiting, and died shortly there after from decompression and exposure.

I managed to patch the hole in the windshield and we made the jump back to the Cerberus without further incident.



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