PHD #016: AAR - Virgon Orbital Salvage


14 Mar 2041 AE

FR: Cidra Hahn, MAJ, CF
TO: Michael Abbott, RADM, CF
CC: Clive Tillman, MAJ, CF; et. all
RE: Virgon Orbital Salvage


On the date of 14 March 2041 AE, BS Cerberus jumped back to Virgon to retrieve and salvage parts for aircraft repairs from debris in orbit. Raptors from the VAQ-141 launched with EVA teams from the Deck to retrieve materials. Vipers of the VF-154 and VSP-101 were in air on guard in space at ready, systems powered down to avoid detection by Cylons.

After three hours of salvage, at approximately 14:00 HOURS, a blip was detected on passive DRADIS. Active scan was authorized and Cylon ships were detected. Curiously, they did not appear to be actively searching for the Cerberus, but review of the footage suggests they were conducting some sort of salvage of their own. Permission to engage was given, Raptors began withdrawing EVA teams with Vipers covering our retreat. Crewman Vought of the Deck was killed by a Cylon Raider that initially jumped on his teams position but all other members of Deck EVA teams were evacuated safely.

LT Laskaris' Viper was destroyed during the course of the fight and he was forced to eject, successfully retrieved by SAR. Raptors initiated return to the ship, however, the return to base became chaotic. The surviving Cylon heavy raiders were able to ignite an explosion of a frigate adrift in the debris field as they jumped, and our Viper force was still caught up in the engagement with the enemy when the blast occurred. Multiple Vipers were damaged in exit, and pilots Bell, Apostolos and Malone were forced to eject and were retrieved by subsequent SAR, their Vipers destroyed.


  • The initial three hours of salvage accomplished much in terms of collection of both parts and even some plane frames that can be repaired and used for parts. Deck has a full inventory.
  • However, three friendly Viper Mark VIIs and one Mark II were destroyed. Additionally, two Mark VIIs and a Mark II sustained extensive damage. Deck crew is doing utmost upon repairs. While enough from the salvage operation was recovered to make repairs, after damage is accounted for we merely broke even in terms of what we collected from Virgon in both raw parts and salvageable craft.
  • Initial review of the footage has recovered oddities about the Cylon behavior during this engagement. As noted above, it does not appear they were in the field searching for our people, but were in fact retrieving "fallen" Cylon craft. Salvage of their own, perhaps, or recovery of their dead.



  • Enemy KIA: 5 Cylon Raiders, 1 Heavy Raider


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