PHD #183: AAR - Village Search and Recovery


29 AUG 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Cidra Hahn
TO: COL Andrus Pewter
CC: Clive Tillman, MAJ Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh, CPT Gracious Bia
RE: Village Search and Survivor Recovery


At approximately 14:30 hours 28 Aug 2041 AE, a search party was deployed from base, in Raptor crewed by LTJG Meszaros and myself, to investigate the remains of a small fishing village west of the Atharamuras mountains. Village is estimated to have held 200 souls at one time but, upon arrival, appeared largely abandoned. Marines, led by LT Nikephoros and accompanied by LTJG Meszaros to hasten the search, departed Raptor. A routine wireless check made by myself detected a civilian frequency in the vicinity, but signal was turned off as soon as our team's presence was obvious in village. Team continued to check village until they reached a gas station, wherein inhabitants were noted. One of civilians in said gas station fired one shot out a window at our people with a hunting rifle, while a youth took to the roof armed with a spear gun. Requests to cease fire were heeded, however, and once civilians saw our Raptor and confirmed our identify as Colonial military troops, they agreed to allow us entry into gas station. No casualties.

In station we found nine people in all, including two suffering grievous effects of radiation sickness (OOC Note: Rose is one of these people, welcome!). After further talks, they agreed to leave the gas station to return to Cerberus for Medical treatment and processing. I dispatched another Raptor from our base camp via wireless to assist in transport, both of our personnel and the people we have found. All survivors were searched by Marine personnel, relieved of what weapons they had and returned to care of Cerberus.

NOTE: The people we recovered do not appear to be SSLF personnel, though further confirmation of that is recommended. The locals claimed to have encountered Cylon "skin jobs" in the past. Recommend questioning concerning former Cylon presence on the planet in our effort to determine where the enemy has gone and why they have - at least by appearance - deserted this planet.




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