PHD #180: AAR - Victory Recon


25 AUG 2041 AE

FR: CPT Ibrahim Sitka
TO: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG)
CC: LT Kal Trask (SL: VAQ-141)
RE: Victory Recon


At approximately 18:30 hours on the 25th of August, a standard combat air patrol composed of CPT Ibrahim Sitka, LTJG Marko Scaurus, LTJG Mara Smythe and ENS Tisiphone Apostolos was dispatched to sector 45A above Sagittaron. The patrol's secondary objective was to locate and secure any remains of the Battlestar Victory that might be present on the surface.

At coordinates <coordinates follow> we discovered what appeared to be the impact site of a Naz Eight civilian commercial airliner. The crash did not appear recent, though it was strongly suspected to have been brought down via anti-aircraft weaponry.

LTJG Scaurus then picked up several unknown signatures at <coordinates follow>. Three (3) anti-aircraft platforms were visually spotted, and initiated weapons locks on our craft. All three were destroyed, with only minimal damage taken to ENS Apostolos' viper.

At no time was the Victory, its wreckage, or any sign of survivors detected on the ground.



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