PHD #008: AAR - The Issue of Echidna


07 March 2041 AE

FR: Sergeant Arkat Galyian
TO: RADM Michael Abbot
CC: CPT Dominic Gabrieli, CPT Kellan Archer
RE: Ship-Board Recon and Equipment Salvage


A Marine fireteam of Sergeant Aziza Kohl, Private Silas Hestia Trista and myself did accompany a number of engineering and medical staff, with Sergeant Demos, Lance Cpl Maragos and Cpl Stephens providing addition support on the recon and salvage operation aboard the BS Chimaera. Recycled air was restored to some sections of the ship, and the group made their way to the CIC via a set of berthings. No contact was made with any living crew of the Chimaera at any point, and upon reaching the CIC signs of small arms fire were visible.

Upon breaching of the CIC, Hostiles were encountered in the form of modernized Centurions, 3 having concealed themselves in the CIC room itself while two approached the team via the ingress corridor. The order to fire was given, and while standard ammunition was woefully ineffective, concentrated fire eventually disabled the enemy forces. The Chimaera's black box had been removed prior to our arrival, the ELF transmission picked up being the emergency failsafe triggered when the box itself was taken.

With an unknown number of Centurions aboard the Battlestar, and most of the team wounded or occupied by carrying what salvage we had (Including one (1) incapacitated Centurion) I gave the order of egressing with utmost haste to the raptors.

Sgt Arkat Galyian, 1st Battalion 9th Marines: Bravo Company. SL of Charlie-Three-One




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