PHD #303: AAR - Tauron Cavern Clearing


26 Dec 2041 AE

FR: SGT Eleftherios Constin
TO: MAJ Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, LT Corrath O'Hare
RE: Tauron Cavern Clearing


At approximately 14:00 hours Dec 26 2041 AE, investigation commenced of heat signatures detected in the complex of caverns designated 117-3A. Initial descent into the cavern required rapelling lines.

Search team detected audible cries for help from deeper inside the cavern complex. Markings on the cavern walls were identified by CPT Ryder to mark the location as a 'natural shrine to Poseidon'. The team located a woman of unknown identity who had received a gunshot wound to the leg, as well as advanced malnutrition. The subject spoke of a humanoid cylon, and an undetermined number of Centurions deeper inside, who had recently killed two of her compatriots.

LT Vandenberg requested and was granted a Medical evac Raptor from Cerberus Actual, and once CPT Ryder had stabilized the subject, ground team advanced dark. The team came upon a cavern gallery wherein were observed a Humaoind Cylon Agent designation #5, escorted by three Centurions. Said HCA was in the process of searching through scrolls stored within the shrine.

Team opened fire at close quartes taking multiple casualties in destroying the enemy presence.
The ground team took 4 WIA.


A search of the cavern discovered two human corpses in advanced states of malnutrition, killed by gunfire. Visual records of the shrine's markings were taken, as were all available scrolls, for future investigation.




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