PHD #012: AAR - Subspace Salvage KIA


10 Mar 2041 AE

FR: Haeleah Parres, Lieutenant Junior Grade, CF
TO: Dominic Gabrieli, Captain, CF
CC: Michael Abbott, Rear Admiral, CF; et. all.
RE: Subspace Salvage KIA


At roughly 22:00 on 10 Mar, a subspace salvage team consisting of myself and Senior Chief Robin Merrell disembarked the Cerberus in a Raptor to examine the remains of an unidentified destroyed vessel in the vicinity and collect what plating and other parts we could from the pieces of the hull that were adrift. We had just commenced work in space via EVA when we noticed a pulsing light from one portion of the vessel plating. While the pulse was regular it did not appear to be any sort of pattern or known type of code communication.

I ordered Chief Merrell to cut the power to that area, which she commenced to do using all procedures standard for these types of operations. At this point I can only conjecture, but it appears when the panel was wedged open to access the systems in that area of the hull, it triggered an explosion. Likely caused by the deteriorated condition of the electrical system within. The explosion overtook Chief Merrell and she was killed instantly. There were no remains left to recover.




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