BCH #008: AAR - Storage Room Fire


18 Feb 2041 AE

FR: Tomas Morell, Chief Petty Officer
TO: Dominic Gabrieli, Captain
RE: Chemical Fire


At 1900 hours we recieved a distress call from Deck Eleven, Storage Locker C. The call went out asking for fire supression teams and for medical assistance as there was a chemical fire in the storage closet. Two pilots, Ensign O'Sullivan and Lieutenant Junior Grade Angelus Nostos removed one Apprentice Arianna Swigert and one Lieutenant Jayden Ekonomo who had passed out from the toxic chemicals in the room. Ensign O'Sullivan was instrumental in putting out a fire that was on the clothing of Apprentice Swigert and Lieutenant Junior Grade Nostos made the call to bring us in. The pilots were asked to stay back while fire supression teams went to work and remained long enough to make sure that medical had arrived to take care of the wounded. Each of the previously mentioned people is being treated by medical. The cause of the fire would appear to be some loose wiring that came in contact with some of the chemicals. Deeper Investigation is strongly recomended at this time as some results need further investigation due to the strange circumstances of the events that took place..



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