PHD #279: AAR - A Kind Word and A Gun


02 Dec 2041 AE

FR: LT Natalie Vandenberg
TO: COL Pewter
CC: MAJ Tillman, MAJ Willows-Cavanaugh, MAJ Cidra Hahn, CAPT Nikephoros, SGT Constin
RE: Salvage Gunfight


At approx. 1315 local, a salvage team was dispatched to assist the Rapautu with operations to recover equipment. En route the team was alerted to 'trouble' by Ezra Taim, the Rapautu leader, on the ground. Arriving on station a firefight was observed by the Raptor flight crew. Upon landing, contact was made with Taim and the landing team took up positions on their side of the firefight but did not engage. The Raptor initiated radio jamming against the unknown forces while LT Vandenberg made calls for surrender. After a non-lethal show of force via Raptor overflight, the opposing ground force surrendered. LT Vandenberg instructed Taim to take two people and flank around to verify that all members of the Cymkeitros were indeed surrendering. The Cymkeitros were witnessed to follow instructions as per orders from LT Vandenberg. One member of the Cymkeitros reached behind his back but did not produce a weapon and Taim shot the man three times in the chest. Taim was taken into custody following the incident and has been detained in the brig, remanded to the custody of Marine S2 LT O'Hare with charges pending. The Cymkeitros were released following the evacuation of all Rapautu from the area. All weapons were returned and instructions given for them to stay away from the military encampment. A request was made to the Cymkeitros leader, Ieuan Kohepoulos, for a location to meet with humanitarian supplies and relief. A location was provided with the understanding that LT Vandenberg would deliver the supplies personally and discuss matters further. The man shot by Ezra Taim, as of now unidentified, died as a result of his wounds.



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