PHD #147: AAR - Sagittaron Sortie


23 Jul 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Cidra Hahn
TO: COL Andrus Pewter (CO)
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO)
RE: Sagittaron Air Sortie


Acting on intelligence gathered from the captured "flesh" Cylon known as Eleven, battlegroup undertook strike to a Cylon biological station over Sagittaron. Preliminary mission of battlegroup, with support from our Air Wing, was to secure surrounding space for planned assault on said facility. Eleven claimed it could secure our passage and disable basestar forces by using signals through an interface through our ECW suites. It was launched in a Raptor - with myself, LT Kal Trask and a full guard of Marines - to broadcast. With Viper support, we engaged thusly to fly into broadcast position. Though we faced stiff initial resistance it was repelled surpassing well by our Viper forces and we were able enact transmission. Meanwhile, our capital ship forces of Cerberus, Corsair and Praetorian engaged successfully the three basestars we initially faced. Plan, to this point, had proceeded successfully.

New DRADIS contacts were noted at this time, and five additional basestars apparently from Cylon forces around Sagittaron jumped in to engage us, with of course a full force of Raiders from each. It was then that the Eleven transmitted that all our ships should tune DRADIS and EW suites a particular frequency. Major Tillman ordered our battlegroup to do so, I did the same with our Vipers and Raptors. At this point, all my Flight reported losing control of their ships and that our vessels were "flying themselves." I had thought us betrayed, but before any action could be taken by the Marines guarding the Eleven, all the Cylon ships engaging us appeared to lose power. A cold reboot of our systems as initiated, apparently by the Eleven, and we regained power. The Cylons remained for all intents and purposes dead in space.

Cerberus and the remainder of the battlegroup launched a nuclear strike upon the five basestars, destroying them quite soundly. Disabled Cylon aircraft were mopped up by our aerial forces and passage for our ground troops to the Cylon biological facility itself was secured.

NOTE: The above described act of disabling the Cylon forces proved fatal for the creature known as Eleven. It is my belief that it knowingly sacrificed itself for both the defeat of our enemy and our survival. The lives of me and mine, and the Cerberus herself, appear owed to it. I formally request that when Medical has completed what needs be done with its body, that it be given over to our Chaplaincy. So that whatever rites or remembrances that may be appropriate for one its kind, such as we know them, can be observed.

While damage was sustained to the battlegroup and some of the Wing's ships, and personnel minor injuries, no fatalities, outside the Eleven, were incurred.



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