PHD #147: AAR - Sagittaron Boarding Action


23 Jul 2041 AE

FR: SGT Eleftherion Constin (CMC)
TO: COL Andrus Pewter (CO)
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO), MAJ Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh (CMC)
RE: Boarding Action of 23 July


Three boarding teams (Alpha, Bravo, Constellation) consisting of a marine fireteam with heavy arms support, and three support personnel were carried aboard the Cylon installation by three Raptors. Constellation team deployed to defend the insertion point, while Alpha and Bravo entered the station interior.

The teams followed different courses for more rapid exploration of the installation, while remaining in Wireless contact. Teams found touch-activated rapid interior transport platforms, which Alpha team made use of to arrive at a deeper point in the station. Bravo Team reported contact with a detachment of Centurions, which, damaged by an unexplained explosion emenationg from a nearby panel, were dispatched with one minor injury to Bravo team.

Alpha team discovered a biological research facility with evidence of bio mechanical experimentation (full report enclosed). Patterns in the wall panels were observed by two team members to briefly display the Colonial seal. Within the laboratory, one inert centurion was observed to be wearing Colonial dogtags, and was observed attempting to provide warning to Alpha team through a digital display upon the approach of hostile forces.

Alpha team deployed for combat and effected a highly efficient defense, destroying eleven assault Centurions in the course of approximately one minute. Alpha team took two WIA, proceeding deeper into the installation afterward, arriving some time later at what appeared to be a central command chamber, containing a copy of the Cylon designated 11. At this point Alpha and Bravo teams resumed close cooperation.

This cylon claimed to be the same individual which had been in Fleet custody immediately prior and provided a contained information storage device for collection, offering instruction in how best to set about destroying the facility. Destructive measures were taken, following which both Alpha and Bravo teams proceeded directly to extraction point.



Please see attached.

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