PHD #310: AAR - Rogue Raider and Foundry


02 Jan 2042 AE

FR: LT Kal Trask
TO: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG, CVW-14)
CC: COL Andrus Pewter (acting CO, BS-132), MAJ Clive Tillman (XO), CPT Cora Nikephoros (TACCO), CPT Dominic Gabrieli (ChEng), CPO Andreas Damon (Deck Chief), et al.
RE: Rogue Raider and Foundry


At 16:13 hours on 02 Jan 2042 AE, one (1) Raider appeared about twenty (20) clicks out from the CAP formation. Upon realizing that it was emitting encrypted transmissions, I commenced recording and ordered the holding of fire. At an incredible speed far exceeding what Colonial intelligence had up to that point believed Cylon Raiders to be capable of, the vessel took a course that ran parallel to the position of the fleet. In response to these abnormalities, CAP pursued to record and intercept. As we reached the air patrol perimeter, CIC authorized further pursuit and alert Vipers and a Raptor were launched to assume CAP duties.

Approximately 300K clicks beyond the CAP perimeter was a minefield from the Great Civil War. DRADIS also picked-up a faint heat signature reminiscent of a foundry on a massive scale. When further analysis suggested it was a Cylon installation, CIC was informed and the Vipers went weapons-free. With the approach of two (2) Heavy Raiders and the likely arrival of many more, the pilots were ordered to disengage before they were able to splash their target. In the distance, the sight of a massive metal facility was unmistakeable.

The injured Raider zoomed towards the detected Heavies. The turrets of said Heavies had been replaced by a harness and cranes, respectively. Heavy number one caught the Raider; Heavy number two deposited it into some manner of receiving cradle that then compacted the Raider into a cube. Once finished, the two Heavies returned to the foundry.

We took the opportunity to conduct some recon, then returned to base before we could be detected. En route, VRC-30 intercepted us and towed our fuel-exhausted birds home.


Roughly the size of the Corsair, the Cylon facility looks like a crudely formed hourglass seemingly forged from the same metal as all other Cylon craft. The protruding curves of its thickened hull are broken up every so often by vents the size of a Viper. These vents emit plumes of such astounding heat that they registered on the infrared display at such a great distance. The Heavy Raiders emerged from a pair of cavernous doors at the end of one bulb. Through this opening, row upon row of throbbing crimson lights went all the way from the hangar to the dark recesses beyond. From what was observed, this appears to be a Raider manufacturing plant.



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