PHD #335: AAR - Questing


Fri Jan 28 02:19:28 2042 AE

FR: LTJG Marko "Flasher" Scaurus
TO: LT Kal Trask, (CO, VAQ-141), MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG, CVW-14)
CC: COL Andrus Pewter (acting CO, BS-132), MAJ Clive Tillman (XO), CPT Cora Nikephoros (TACCO)
RE: Wreath of Roses Coordinate Recon Mission


As per our request, a Raptor team consisting of myself and LT Leyla Aydin departed the Cerberus at approximately 2100 on Thu Jan 27, 2042 AE to investigate the series of coordinates discovered at the Wreath of Roses estate (see attached file).


On our first jump to coordinates <REDACTED>, we encountered what amounted to a ship's graveyard left behind after Warday, nestled in a la grange point between asteroids. <REDACTED> There, we discovered the remnants of a possibly still viable FTL capable transport with full hard points. (See attached photographs). Said transport is, however, stuck tight to Asteroid <REDACTED>, and will, based on scans, require significant repairs before it can be freed.

Further scans at these co-ordinates revealed nothing noteworthy, save that at least some of the civilian smuggling ships went down fighting.

Having completed our search grid, we proceeded to our second set of co-ordinates.


Our second jump to coordinates <REDACTED>, we discovered a minimal DRADIS signature, inconsistent with either Colonial or Cylon ships. Further investigation revealed the following:

1) A ship design not consistent with either Colonial or known Cylon naval architecture.

2) Said ship is, based on mathematical extrapolations of her current elliptic orbit, a minimum of three thousand years old.

3) The ship's construction is wildly inconsistent with any modern day manufacturing technique, utilizing heavily antiquated chemical metallurgy technology not currently used by either the Colonials or the Cylons.

4) The ship's 'hangar doors', for want of a better term, were forced open.

Based on this information, Lt. Aydin and I decided to land Harrier 307 within the unknown ship, but only after extensive scanning and threat analysis determined said enterprise to be reasonably safe. As we flew within the ship, Lt Aydin reported seeing skid marks consistent with those of a Cylon Heavy Raider.

What we found within, we believe is of profound historical and religious significance. At all stages of our investigation, we documented our findings with both still images, LAMPS, PIRCs and hand-held video equipment.. (See Attached Video Log).


Upon disembarkation, we discovered a series of thirteen (13) individual alcoves, twelve of which we believe to be obvious representations of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Their descriptions are as follows: (See Attached Photographs)

There was, however, a thirteenth symbol which neither of us have been able to identify. It is, as follows (See Attached Photographs #221-288):

A spiral of colors, depicting what appears to be a single, white dot or island amidst a blue sea or star field inside a ring of dark red.

ATTN- Image 267:


The significance of this is unknown.

Both Lt. Aydin and myself believe these to be representations of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, as they were upon the exodus from Kobol itself. The sheer age and design of the vessel suggests no other logical conclusions. Further supporting this is the presence of a script that does not match any known form of Colonial Standard, nor any other language either Lt. Aydin nor myself are aware of. It does, however, strongly resemble scripts I have personally seen inside of the Temple of Aphrodite in Delphi.

Further investigation of the derelict revealed no further intrusion beyond the forced landing bay doors. The ship is currently without power and on an elliptical, comet-like course with a period of rotation of six hundred fifteen years (615), give or take





Please see attached.

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