PHD #194: AAR - Constitution Plaza Search and Recovery


08 Sep 2041 AE

FR: LTJG Leyla Aydin
TO: COL Andrus Pewter
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, MAJ Cidra Hahn, CPT Cora Nikephoros, LT Kal Trask, CPT Dominic Gabrieli, CPO Constantine Atreus, MAJ Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh
RE: Constitution Plaza Search and Recovery


At approximately 21:00 hours, 08 Sep 2041 AE, a rescue party was dispatched from temporary base at Tihar Prison to rendezvous with Hiram Joseph and his group of survivors. Mission directives stated that raptor team was to put down at Constitution Plaza, retrieve first survivor party and then evac to secondary site to retrieve the remainder of the group. Upon approach to the square, raptor team recon revealed friendlies, aligned along the western edge of the plaza under attack by insurgents along the eastern edge. Insurgents fired an RPG which, upon impact with Raptor One, crewed by pilot ENG Raymond Butler and ECO LTJG Marko Scaurus, took out primary flight drives, blew out the front windshield and injured pilot Butler. Raptor One was forced to put down in the center of the square. Raptor Two, crewed by pilot LTJG Leyla Aydin and ECO LTJG Linus Bran put down at the south end of the square, under cover of the southern monument. Both raptors offloaded their complement of Marines, lead by Sergeant Eleftherios Constin, who, after identifying the enemy proceeded to provide ground support while repairs could be made on Raptor 1.

During marine engagement, LTJG Scaurus, with the assistance of AE David Wright and PO3 Cilusia Fasi were able to repair Raptor One. Raptor Two remained on the ground, attempting to establish contact with Battlestar Cerberus and improve communications with Joseph's party, but were hampered by torrential rain and atmospheric interference. When further communication with secondary survivor party and Hiram Joseph revealed that secondary group of survivors were high risk due to flooding and a possible roof collapse in the building which they were sheltering in, the decision was made to dispatch Raptor Two, both to draw out the location of the RPG and to maximize successful survivor extraction. Upon departing the square, Raptor Two managed to evade RPG and Marine complement were able to ascertain RPG location.

Upon arrival at secondary extraction point, extent of the damage to the house in which survivors were sheltering and the state of flash flooding in the area necessitated the dispatch of Raptor One to assist with rescue operations. In total, twelve souls were found at secondary rescue site. Two were deceased as a result of structural damage to the building, the other ten were rescued and both raptors returned to the Plaza to retrieve the ground team entrenched there.

The Marines on the ground, upon the return of the raptors, revealed that the insurgents, numbering ten in total, had all been neutralized, as had the RPG. A total of six souls were found at the plaza. Four deceased, killed in the insurgent attack. Two, Mr. Jeffries and Mr. Joseph had suffered severe blood loss and multiple gunshot wounds. All members of the ground teams, and the two surviving friendlies were evaced back to Cerberus.




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