PHD #220: AAR - Picon Reconnaissance


4 Oct 2041 AE

FR: LT Leyla Aydin
TO: COL A. Pewter
CC: CC: MAJ C. Tillman, MAJ C. Hahn, et. al.
RE: Second Picon Reconnaissance Mission


At approximately 20:39 4 Oct 2041 AE, raptor team consisting of myself and LTJG Linus Bran commenced jump back to Picon space to continue reconnaissance of planet and report on Cylon activity in the area.

Upon entry into the system at distance far enough to escape Cylon DRADIS and subsequent approach, the following were noted:

  • No remnants of the fleet and wreckage recorded on last recon remains in space above the planet.
  • Initial scan detected on approach at least four heavy raiders patrolling in standard barcap formation providing security for Cylon operations in space and on planet.
  • Cylons have commandeered one of the shipyard still in geosynchronous orbit above the planet and are constructing a basestar at that location.
  • Cylon presence appears to cover the entire surface of the planet and no traces of survivors or Colonial signatures were detected.

Raptor team was successful in completing both a high altitude ECM and PIRCS recon of the planet as well as a low level sweep before raider engagement necessitated a jump out of the system. All electronic and photographic data have been downloaded from raptor and a copy included in this report.



Please see attached.

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