PHD #049: AAR - Parnassus Evac


16 Apr 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO)
TO: RADM Michael Abbot (CO)
CC: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG)
RE: Action At Parnassus


At 1843Z on 16 APR, DRADIS contact was established with a Cylon Basestar. The enemy ship jumped in on the other side of Parnassus Anchorage and hovered in position for several seconds without firing. MAJ Tillman ordered Condition One and the scramble of the air wing after receiving word that the Corsair's FTL computers had to reboot. The Basestar eventually slavo'd missiles into Parnassus (ignoring the battlegroup)and the order to engage was given immediately while the Praetorian was attempting to maneuver for a clear shot around the station. Missile-armed Raptors were eventually dispatched to engage the Basestar and supplement naval gunfire support. The Basestar launched five (5) nuclear weapons at BSG-132after Parnassus was destroyed, but all were intercepted by members of the air wing. The enemy vessel was witnessed to have broken up and exploded at 1849Z due to the heavy fire it sustained during the engagement. BSG-132 suffered no losses to personnel during the course of the operation.


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