PHD #029: AAR - Parnassus CIC Reconnaissance


28 Mar 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Clive Tillman, Executive Officer
TO: RADM Michael Abbot, Commanding Officer
RE: CIC Reconnaissance


MAJ Tillman lead an expedition into the CIC of Parnassus Anchorage. Accompanied by a Marine Security detail, ENS Kulko of Tactical, and two Engineers, we proceeded directly to the primary objective. Upon arrival, we observed an as-yet unidentified LT standing over the bodies of four crewmen (including three of the Cerberus' Marines). He attempted to shoot himself so MAJ Tillman ordered the man to be shot in the leg. He was able to be medically evac'd from the station. The computer core and black box were discovered to have been removed, as we found at Virgon. The order was given for all data to be copied and hard drives removed for further analysis later. We then proceeded up towards Hydroponics and the Restricted areas. Hearing gunfire and voices from Hydroponics, Tillman ordered the team in to investigate. Four Cylons were observed engaging six survivors and the order was given to open fire. The quick gunbattle resulted in zero losses or injuries to Cerberus personnel and the six survivors were recovered successfully. They were evacuated to the Cerberus immediately. Under orders, Marines were dispatched to clear the rest of the station and it was found to be devoid of further enemy activity. The Restricted Decks are considered a total loss due to a suspected nuclear strike.

Parnassus Anchorage is to be considered a secure facility for now. Radiological readings on the upper decks are still high but outside lethal ranges for our concerns. Anyone entering those areas should see medical for anti-rad doses. Any anomalous activity should be reported to Security and Command without delay.


<Five More NPC Marines>


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