PHD #025: AAR - Parnassus Anchorage Exploration


25 Mar 2041 AE

FR: Raine Lunair, Lieutenant Junior Grade
TO: Michael Abbott, ADM, CF
CC: Clive Tillman, MAJ, CF; Kellan Archer, CAPT; et. all
RE: Anchorage Exploration


After breaking the seal of the anchorage's airlock, a small party consisting of marines, engineering and CIC was sent in to search for survivors, useful salvage, and any potentially useful intelligence. However, survivors were priority.

Investigation of the Anchorage turned up that fighting had taken place, especially violently near entrances. Of note is that someone had removed dog tags and positioned a fallen Engineer's body. There were casualties, human and Cylon scattered throughout. It was determined to go to the ship's CIC offices first. A Cylon was encountered in a stairwell. The Cylon promptly engaged in combat. LC Stenson was mortally wounded during the Cylon's charge. However, our team took the Cylon out.

After our team regrouped and moved off the stairwell, a group of 5 Cylons attacked. During the combat, Private Trista, and PO Lurtz were killed. Due to massive injuries to most of the group, I decided to return home and resume salvage later. Security status is tenative. Of note however, the body with the dog tags removed had been damaged with a machete and the Cylons acted very erratically, almost as if berserk. One did not even use a gun, preferring to use its claws. They did not seem to display much in the way of tactics, which given previous reports seemed highly unusual. The team did not make it to investigate CIC and further investigation is recommended.




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