PHD #073: AAR - One For the Road


10 May 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO)
TO: RADM Michael Abbot (CO)
CC: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG)
RE: Cobra Talon Rendezvous


The Cobra Talon operation was scheduled to wrap at 1900CST with the return of the MV Eidolon and crew to the appointed coordinates in Sector 641. RADM Abbot had the conn while MAJ Hahn led a CAP around the battlegroup. At the appointed moment, two Heavy Raiders jumped in. MAJ Hahn visually identified the bogies as hostile and ordered the flight to engage the bandits. Condition One was set and the Air Wing scrambled.

With the destruction of both Heavy Raiders, two basestars jumped in along with upwards of two full Cylon fighter divisions. With the conn handed to MAJ Tillman, the XO ordered the 'Red and Free' engagement by all forces in the battlegroup, focusing their fire on one particular basestar while the FTL spooled. Once spooled, the wing was recalled and the entire battlegroup jumped away to a secure location. Losses included one Viper and pilot, LTJG Nostos.




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