PHD #178: AAR - Mortar Barn Fire


23 AUG 2041

FR: MAJ Cidra Hahn
TO: COL Andrus Pewter (CO), MAJ Clive Tillman (XO)
RE: Mortar Barn Fire


At approximately 20:15 hours on the 23 Aug a single gunshot was heard north of our basecamp in the Jharkand Delta on Sagittaron. Presumably originating from an SSLF sniper, though no prisoners or hostile casualties were taken to confirm. SGT Constin called for reports from perimeter scouts but, as those were coming in, the camp was fired on again by a mortar, which it soon became apparent was loaded with white phosphorus munitions, this time apparently from south of our position. Mortar struck roof of the barn where we had stored munitions and some of our aircraft, catching it afire.

Personnel commenced retrieval of planes and some supplies within the barn before said equipment could be destroyed. Both Vipers within were pushed out by hand with the combined efforts of nearby personnel. I piloted Raptor Two out myself. Raptor One, which Crewman Lauren Coll was ordered to fly due to the emergency nature of the situation and lack of time for other measures, was likewise piloted from barn. Crewman Sofia Wolfe was injured in the fire while aiding in the physical removal of the Viper plane, Crewman Coll also injured when she returned to the barn in an effort to retrieve one of the supply crates. She was evacuated by SGT Constin and LT Nikephoros. Both were given over to medics for treatment, injuries not serious enough to warrant evacuation back to ship.

Raptor One sustained damage in landing upon extrication. Full repairs to get it safely returned to the full duty shall need to be made from Cerberus, though I believe our Deck personnel on planet can do some spot work so it can be flown back to the ship for said repairs. Raptor Two and the Vipers extricated from the barn are flyable in their current state. Some of the munition crates stored in the barn were removed before the fire consumed them, but some were lost. A full accounting shall need to be done as opportunity permits.

SGT Constin shall be tightening camp defense following this incident, but it is my order that no offensive retaliation be taken at this time. It is my intention to attempt to open a line of communication and seek a meeting with the SSLF leader calling herself Melpomene.




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