PHD #144: AAR - Minotaur Salvage Mission


20 Jul 2041 AE

FR: LT Cora Nikephoros
TO: COL A. Pewter
CC: MAJ C. Tillman, MAJ M. Cavanaugh, MAJ C. Hahn
RE: Salvage Mission to CLS Minotaur


Team arrived at CLS Minotaur and docked without incident. Gravity was present within the ship, and there were signs that life support was functioning as well, in addition to emergency power. Upon arrival at the cargo hold it was discovered to be locked, but CN Wolfe was able to facilitate entry. The hold contained massive weapons stores, including those items on SGT Constin's list, which were loaded into the two raptors for transport. Team then RTB.

While the mission was completed without incident, there were several oddities noted onboard the Minotaur that deserve mention here. Before the cargo hold were posed two human heads spiked on bayonet-equipped rifles, and the walls were painted with a symbol LT Stavrian reported to contain the symbol of Ares along with other markings. Across the doors were written the words 'Our Lord's Arena'. Within the cargo hold, a circle of pallets and crates had been created and in the center were found the remains of at least five humans, along with significant blood and several knife blades. LT Stavrian reported that the remains ranged from one week to less than 24 hours old. Photos were taken, and bones preserved for further analysis.



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