PHD #540: AAR - Malfunctioning Heavy Raider @ Lampridis


20 Aug 2042 AE

FR: CPT Kal Trask
TO: LCOL Cidra Hahn
CC: CDR Andrus Pewter, et al.
RE: Malfunctioning Heavy Raider @ Lampridis


At approximately 2013 hours on 20 Aug 2042 AE, during planetary CAP, one (1) Heavy Raider was detected as it FTL jumped just outside of Gemenon's orbit. Air Wing had been advised that the Cylons were expecting the arrival of a Heavy Raider carrying refugees from Cylon-occupied Colonies.

  • Upon aforementioned Heavy Raider's entry into atmo, its flight pattern was somewhat jerky. Raiders that were also conducting patrols fell into formation with the CAP, assuming a defensive position around us.
  • The ship made no attempt to communicate, so I patched CPT Vakos through some interference on a Heavy Raider compatible hailing frequency, at which point she addressed the pilot. The static punctuated reply confirmed my suspicion that the ship was somehow damaged.
  • Abruptly, the Heavy Raider ceased its wobbling and commenced a high-speed, zig-zagging, downward course into an unpopulated series of small mountain peaks.
  • Cerberus Actual instructed CAP to pursue and to attempt saving the ship. CAP also was cleared to go weapons-free should the Heavy Raider turn hostile.
  • During pursuit, LTJG Malone got a visual on the cockpit and reported that the pilot appeared to be losing consciousness.
  • Based on LTJG Malone's report and my own hypotheses about the Heavy Raider's malfunctions, I attempted to remotely hack the ship's electrical system and succeeded in shunting enough of the interference that the pilot was able to regain nominal control of the ship and safely land it at four-three-four by two-niner, as instructed by CPT Vakos.
  • Upon regaining control, the model Two piloting relayed that the ship started to malfunction after they jumped from Canceron, and that he had never seen a malfunction like this one. He said it would be best to take it offline until they could determine what caused the malfunction.
  • The model Two also said, "I do not think the Threes in control there are aware of our efforts but…" If he finished aloud his thought, it was inaudible to our ears and our recording equipment. Nothing further was said of the malfunctions, the Threes, or Canceron.
  • Fire team escort, medical personnel, and deck technicians were requested by CPT Vakos and dispatched by Cerberus. CAP was resumed once the landing site was secured.





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