PHD #085: AAR - Leonis Wounded Retrieval and Supply Dropoff


22 May 2041 AE

FR: Temperance O'Sullivan, Ensign
TO: RADM Michael Abbot (CO)
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, (XO), MAJ Cidra Hahn, (CAG)
RE: Leonis Wounded Retrieval and Supply Dropoff


Ensign O'Sullivan, Ensign Weber, and LTJG Emerson boarded a Raptor at 1400 with orders to drop off four crates of supplies (food, ammo, medical kits) to the survivors on Leonis, and to bring home any severely injured crew they could. They FTLed inside the planet's atmo and flew to the appointed area with no contacts on DRADIS. At this time, they were contacted by Captain Lasher to confirm their identity, and they quickly landed to make the exchanges. LT Sophronia and Captain Quinn were visibly severly injured and loaded up, while the crates of supplies were successfully dropped. Fast approaching DRADIS contacts were heard and seen, and the Raptor quickly got off the surface. Raiders, Forge guns, and a Saber system were all detected. Two and/or possibly three buildings were damaged by the SAMs, and the Raptor sustained minor damage due to Raider fire. After some manuevering (see gun camera footage) and dodging, the crew was able to hold the Cylons off long enough to initiate FTL, and return to the Cerberus.



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