PHD #253: AAR - Recon of Spacedock Leonis (aka, Leonis Recon III)


06 Nov 2041 AE

FR: LT Kal Trask
TO: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG, CVW-14)
CC: COL Andrus Pewter (acting CO, BS-132), MAJ Clive Tillman (XO), CPT Cora Nikephoros (TACCO), et al.
RE: Recon of Spacedock Leonis


At approximately 21:30 on 06 Nov 2041 AE, a Raptor team consisting of myself and LT Tobias Ulixes departed for Leonis in Harrier-411 as part of a classified mission to ascertain the status of Spacedock Leonis. As of BSG-132's departure from Leonis space on 18 Jun 2041 AE, Spacedock Leonis was fully operational and occupied by Cylon forces.

Jump series was completed successfully into long-distance, passive DRADIS range of the facility.

Spacedock Leonis has been destroyed. No semblance of scrap is to be found anywhere surrounding the planet; the entire area has been swept clean. Furthermore, Leonis is now inundated with levels of radiation that rival Aquaria.

Findings concur with the hypothesis that the increased construction activity at Picon and Scorpia is a result of Spacedock Leonis' destruction. It is reasonable to conclude that the enemy resources listed in the reconnaissance report of 19 Apr 2041 AE are now deployed elsewhere and count towards the total number of Cylon spacecraft.



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