PHD #060: AAR - Leonis Recon II


27 Apr 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG)
TO: RADM Michael Abbot
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO)
RE: Second Leonis Reconnaissance


Second reconnaissance mission was dispatched to Leonis to follow-up on information gathered in previous scouting run. Two Raptors assigned to scout Colonial Fleet Air Base Anadyomene and the city of Kythera respectively.

Detailed scans of the CFAS Anadyomene revealed that the place had been hit directly by several neutron bombs. No out-of-the-ordinary heat signatures or EM signatures that would indicate human/cylon presence. The base appears deserted.

Second objective flyby of the city of Kythera was more intriguing. Once Raptor reached Prometheus Square, it received anomalous readings. Initial ECM check revealed a Fleet distress beacon coming from Molgen Labs. Strangely, review has confirmed Molgen is a private company, so one wonders why it was broadcasting a military frequency. A second ECM of this compound revealed compound is shielded, which is likely what masked signal from previous Raptor scouts. Heat signatures were detected inside. Possibly survivors, but could not determine from distance or readings whether they were human, Cylon or of some other origin.

Cylon presence in the area remained too thick for further analysis. Raptors met at rendezvous point at scheduled time and returned to Cerberus without incident or injury. Photo and camera findings are attached and available for review.

CFAS Anadyomene



Please see attached.

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