PHD #052: AAR - Leonis Recon


19 Apr 2041 AE

FR: LTJG Kal Trask
TO: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG)
CC: RADM Michael Abbot (CO), MAJ Clive Tillman (XO), LT Calvin Oberlin
RE: Leonis Recon


On the 19 APR 2041AE at 1500 hours, LTJG Doe and I jumped to Leonis space to (1) determine the disposition of the Cylon battle fleet defending the occupied planet and (2) probe those defenses for any possible vulnerabilities. Affixed are annotated charts detailing enemy activity.

Upon jumping into Leonis 11-I, a screaming swallow was deployed on LTJG Doe's mark to mask our Raptor's signature. We then moved to Leonis 10-I.

Passive scan of Leonis 10-J: one basestar, designated Sierra-1, detected in Leonis 11-F; one basestar, designated Sierra-2, detected in Leonis 13-J; one basestar, designated Sierra-3, detected in Leonis 10-F. Basestars S-1 and S-2 launched four Raiders apiece.

Active scan of Leonis 10-J: Devastation everywhere, particularly in southern hemisphere. The cities of Thalattra and Columella are ruined. The two bases that the Cylons have set up in the northern hemisphere's primary continent are located around concentrations of uranium in the boonies.

  • Deployed a second screaming swallow at Leonis 9-I and moved to 9-J.

Passive scan of Leonis 9-J: No movement from the Cylon Raiders launched in 11-F and 13-J. Made time-stamp note in case this is akin to a CAP rotation.

Active scan of Leonis 9-J: Pantheiras is occupied by Cylon forces and guarded by a frakton of AA weaponry. Convoys run from here to the mining operations in 10-J, suggesting that this is their base of operations for the uranium extraction.

  • Deployed a third screaming swallow at Leonis 9-K and moved there.
  • Swallow in 9-I is detected. I remotely accessed the swallow's scanners to discover four basestars responding: Sierra-4 at 10-G, Sierra-5 at 10-H, Sierra-6 at 8-G, Sierra-7 at 8-H. Evidently, the slightest provocation is met with overwhelming force. Reaction time was time-stamped.
  • DRADIS starts beeping when we are passively scanned and S-7 goes active.
  • The screamer at 9-I winks out of existence, mimicking a Raptor jump. Four Raiders apiece are launched from Sierras 4-7, in addition to the four apiece already launched from Sierras 1 and 2. In total, 24 Raiders move to intercept the decoy.
  • Sierra-8 jumps into 8-I. Sierra-9 jumps into 9-I.

Passive scan of Leonis 10-K: Sierra-10 detected in Leonis 13-L.

Active scan of Leonis 10-K: This area of the planet has lower radiation levels than previously encountered, as well as fewer wrecked cities. That the region is mostly forests and plains may be a factor. Furthermore, the cities of Kythera and Cel Varro (located on a northern peninsula) look relatively clear — though there aren't any immediate life signs, neither are there Cylon defenses, even though Cel Varro was a pretty large tech center. CFAS Anodyomene (located several kilometers from Kythera) appears to be intact. No life signs or signals of any kind were detected. Why the air base was spared yet not utilized by the Cylons remains undermined.

  • S-10 goes active after passively scanning us.
  • Another screaming swallow is deployed to cover our tracks.
  • The swallow is subjected to the massive power of four basestars' combined electronic warfare suites. It then vanished off DRADIS, fizzling in a burst of static.

Spacedock Leonis: We are nearly blinded from the glare of Cyrannus but our eyes adjusted in time to espy Spacedock Leonis, which was surrounded by four basestars, including Sierras 10-12, which jumped in before we hit the horizon point. Over the next 8 seconds, at 2 second intervals, Sierras 13-16 jumped in. (Eight basestars in total — four surrounding the Spacedock and four throughout the sprawling Colonial yards.) Said fleet yards were also surrounded by Raiders in alarmingly precise formation.

There also was an assortment of Colonial craft being repurposed for Cylon use. These ships and the Spacedock were coated with a red substance that not only glows and pulses in the darkness of space but seemingly holds together various perforated spaceframes.

A wing consisting of 4 Raiders then paused and, in remarkable synchrony, reversed direction entirely and launched an attack on the Raptor. Before we were able to FTL jump, the hull took a serious hit, and the left wing suffered moderate damage. After the jump, we made the necessary ship repairs to RTB.



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