PHD #312: AAR - Launch Tube Incident


04 Jan 2042 AE

FR: PO2 Petra Timon
TO: CPO Andreas Damon (Deck Chief)
CC: COL Andrus Pewter (acting CO, BS-132), MAJ Clive Tillman (XO), MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG, CVW-14), CPT Cora Nikephoros (TACCO), CPT Dominic Gabrieli (ChEng)
RE: Launch Tube Incident


At 2125 hours on 04 Jan 2042 AE, Specialist Nikolai Ganas committed an act of suicide and sabotage on the Deck. Prior to his suicide, SPC Ganas was negligent in the course of his duties, causing one (1) Raptor to become damaged and unserviceable when it fell off a hydraulic lift. After being told to leave the Deck, he performed a manual override on the safety measures on the service hatch to launch tube L-86, causing the Deck to be exposed to the vacuum of space.

SPC Ganas flung himself onto the Viper preparing for launch on the catapult, knocking it askew. The Viper then launched moments later and collided with the wall of the launch tube, causing death to himself and CPT Kefir Abbascia, damage to the launch tube, and the loss of one (1) serviceable Viper Mk. VII.

PO2 Brina Radcliffe was able to reach the service hatch panel and close it before she fell unconscious. However, it did not fully seal. CN Sofia Wolfe created a temporary seal over the leak which allowed the Deck to repressurize, causing the main Deck hatch to re-open. DR Cameron Adair and LT Jesse Stavrian administered medical assistance to those who required it with the assistance of MIDN Tohno Ardoli. When the main Deck hatch re-opened, Damage Control and medical teams arrived to assist.

Launch tube L-86 is unserviceable pending repairs and the service hatch leading to it also requires repair. Safety mechanisms on the service hatch should be examined and revised so that such an incident cannot reoccur in the future.




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