PHD #105: AAR - KIA ENS Villon


11 Jun 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Cidra Hahn (CAG)
TO: COL Andrus Pewter (CO)
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman (XO), Etc.
RE: Combat Air Patrol Incident Summary


At approximately 19:00 HOURS I was engaged in standard combat air patrol with CAP Aron Matise (SL, Mighty Lions), ENS Emilie Villon and ECO LTJG Daisy McCoy. We were perhaps half-way through our CAP rotation when ENS Villon reported spotting Cylon contacts. None of the rest of us - or personnel on the Cerberus - reported any enemy presence, but Villon advanced to engage these shadows nonetheless, firing her guns at empty space, despite orders not to break formation. We pursued to attempt to ascertain the ensign's status. Her breathing over the comm became hyperventilated and visual contact moments later found her to be twitching and nearly unconscious in her cockpit. Her fingers had apparently become stuck on her gunnery controls, as her guns continued to fire after she became incapacitated. I initiated attempt at SAR tow on ensign's Viper and, despite continued fire from her guns, was successful in attaching her for tow.

At around this time, two confirmed Cylon contacts did jump in on our position and alert Vipers - led by LT Alessandra Sophronia and LTJG Psyche Athenos - were launched to engage. Raiders were destroyed, however, ENS Villon's ship was decimated by enemy fire. Cockpit was recovered and returned, along with the ensign herself, to the ship but I am unsure how much of that Viper is repairable.

Flight returned to ship, wherein ENS Villon was extracted from her cockpit. Medics pronounced her dead on the scene. Cause of death was not any injury sustained in enemy engagement, however, but hypercapnia. Too much CO2 in the blood. It is believed this is what originally incapacitated ENS Villon during CAP and ended her life before her ship was pummeled by Cylon fire.

At this time, ENS Villon's death is considered suspicious, perhaps the cause of foul play, and is under investigation by the MPs, due to REDACTED FOR DUE TO ONGOING INVESTIGATION. My personnel are available to be interviewed, ENS Villon's body has been turned over to Medical for tox screen and autopsy.

NOTE: The Raiders never targeted any ship other than ENS Villon's, despite heavy engagement from our other Vipers. My Raptor was the only other vessel to sustain any damage, and that was only after I had come between the Raiders and Villon's craft. I recommend Deck technicians, with perhaps assistance from Engineering if no one particularly skilled with Cylon and anti-Cylon tech remains onboard, perform a full 'autopsy' of what remains of her Viper for any out-of-ordinary issues or items.




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