PHD #196: AAR - KIA CN Coll


10 Sep 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Cidra Hahn
TO: COL Andrus Pewter
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, MAJ Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh, CPT Gracious Bia, PO1 Andreas Damon, et. al
RE: KIA CN Lauren Coll


At approximately 17:45 hours Sep 10 2041 AE, a Raptor piloted by myself and caring several personnel, including one Sagittaran civilian Mr. Rahim al-Fahdi, touched down at Colonial base in Tihar Prison. Mr. al-Fahdi was among one of the civilians rescued from Sagittaron and had been processed and delivered back to Cerberus. However, he had requested to return to the planet to partake in salvage operations, with the assistance of our Deck crew.

CN Lauren Coll, who was stationed on ground at this time, was to take part in salvage as well was called from her place in the yard by al-Fahdi upon landing. When al-Fahdi saw the crewman, however, he shouted 'Cylon!' and 'Abomination!' at her, grabbed the sidearm from his Marine PFC escort, and commenced to fire upon Coll, shooting her multiple times in the chest.

Al-Fahdi was subsequently fired upon by LT Alessandra Sophronia, SGT Eleftherios Constin and myself. Corpsman on duty at the prison base responded promptly but both CN Coll and Mr. al-Fahdi were too gravely wounded to save. They were pronounced dead at the scene, bodies taken back to Cerberus and delivered to Medical for autopsy.

Personnel at the scene shall be expected to provide statements on this incident to MPs promptly. A complete list of those present at the time provided below. Recommend also interviewing any associates Mr. al-Fahdi might have had, or simply those retrieved from the surface at the same time as he.


  • Rahim al-Fahdi, Civilian
  • (Various NPCs)


CN Lauren Coll, Deck (KIA)
Rahim al-Fahdi, Civilian (KIA)


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