PHD #339: AAR - Gravity


31 Jan 2042 AE

FR: LT N. Vandenberg
TO: COL A. Pewter
CC: MAJ C. Tillman, MAJ M. Willows-Cavanaugh, CPT Z. Mathers, LT C. O'Hare
RE: Mob Assault


At approx. 2350 hours on 31 Jan 2042 shift change occurred on the Elpis. Lieutenant Vandenberg was taking over for SSGT Boelyn's fireteam when a fight broke out in the Galley. A man tentatively identified as Magnus Dekker was being beaten and chased out of the Galley when Marine personnel gained sight on the situation. Mr. Dekker was bleeding profusely from his head at this time. Three as-yet unidentified males and one Marine, PFC Van Sholty (on patrol with SSGT Boelyn's team), were seen to follow him out and assault Mr. Dekker. Two civilians were seen to be brandishing some kind of weapons that appeared to be 'brass knuckles'. Marines responded to the action, ordering a halt to activity. Two individuals fled the scene while Sholty and one other man continued to assault. PFC Sholty and another perpetrator were aggressively subdued. At some point (assumedly) a civilian photographed the incident but Marines were unable to locate the camera operator or the two suspects who fled as of this writing. There were several civilian witnesses including Callidora Doukas and G. Rose Ibbhanas.

Magnus Dekker is listed in serious condition in Sickbay. PFC Van Sholty is listed in critical condition. The other civilian is listed in serious but guarded condition. At the orders of CAPT Mathers, CMC, security patrols have been increased on the Elpis until further notice.



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