PHD #401: AAR - Gemenon Recon II

IMPORTANT OOC NOTE: Unlike other AARs, this AAR was sent and available ONLY to DHs, and to Colonial Intel, per the orders of Commander Kepner… until an unknown source leaked the document to the Fleet at-large on 06 Apr 2042 AE.



03 Apr 2042 AE

FR: LT Leyla Aydin
TO: COL Andrus Pewter, CDR Rudy Kepner, MAJ Cidra Hahn, MAJ Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh, CPT Kal Trask
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, CPT Cora Nikephoros, CPT Greje Diomed Karthasi, et al.
RE: Gemenon Recon


At approximately 1800 hours, on 3 Apr 2042 AE, a raptor team with civilian and military observers was dispatched from the Cerberus to a recon of Gemenon. The raptor, upon moving from the mesosphere into the airspace above the canyons leading to Lampridis falls, encountered three Cylon raiders flying in Colonial formation, as if they had been awaiting the raptor's arrival. Upon approach, the raiders, accessing the raptor's electrical systems, send the order, by means of flashing the raptor's HUD and DRADIS systems in a manner reminiscent of lamp signal code, to form up in formation, which Harrier-307 proceeded to do. The raiders them transmitted a packet of information to the raptor's secondary systems, along with the message 'HELLO WORLD'. The raiders took no offensive action, and indeed, allowed 307 to complete their recon and approach to the Falls. The raiders appeared less interested in the raptor, outside of providing an escort, than they did in skimming the surface of the water, as if in play.

The raiders had the following insignia gouged into their cockpits, 'II', which, we were unable to discern if it was meant to be a Two or an Eleven, however, the numbers of Elevens encountered on the ground seems to point to the second interpretation, rather than the first. Upon approach, the raptor crew as well as the personnel reported evidence of a gathering of what appeared to be humans, men, women and children, as well as Cylons, humanoid (mostly of the line we call the 'Elevens') as well as metallic models gathered about at the Temple of Aphrodite Pandemos.

Before the recon could be completed, Lt. Wade Duncan, callsign Drips, was reported to be in serious condition, suffering the effects of the sickness that has been plaguing the crew of the Cerberus. Before passing into a coma, LT Duncan was reported to have said the following words, "Time is the undammed river that plunges over the falls. The falls. Remember you the falls, Children of God is God is God is — " The decision was made to return to the Cerberus after sending a final message to the raiders, in order to attend to the medical needs of LT Duncan. A request for a rendezvous with them at the same location at which the raptor jumped in, so that we could continue our recon. They replied in what we believe to be the affirmative, sending the final message: 'THXBAI', before the raptor jumped away. All data has been collected from the raptor's systems, as well as all photographic recon and has been turned over to Command of the Areion, as well as the Cerberus. Harrier-307 remains off flight status until her systems can be investigated.



Please see attached.

Supplemental to Gemenon Recon: 03 Apr 2042 AE

When the Raiders accessed our systems, they were repairing holes in firewalls and defensive computer measures to resist them as they went. Nothing malicious was seen upon first inspection and thereafter. It was the downloading of the file that took precedence but nothing that was fixed or changed within the computer system impeded operations or any of the systems.

Account by LTJG Solstice "Shakes" Vasco

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