PHD #449: Gemenon Ground Team


21 May 2042 AE

FR: CPT Natalie Vandenberg
TO: CDR Andrus Pewter, MAJ Clive Tillman
CC: LCOL Cidra Hahn, LCOL Madilyn Cavanaugh-Willows, MAJ Mark Makinen, MAJ Gracious Bia
RE: Gemenon Recon


The recon team was dropped on target about twelve miles outside Lampridis at the expected time of insertion. Once on the ground the team advanced towards their first Observation Post (OP Alpha) and arrived within visual range of the town just prior to local sunrise on 19 May. A houseboat was observed close aboard and surveilled for several minutes, spotting waterfowl inside and a statue of an infinity symbol. A deer was also spotted enroute.

The recon team arrived at OP Alpha approx. 94 minutes prior to sunset and observed from there. 'Brother Solon' was positively identified on-location holding a religious ceremony behind the destroyed Academy. The team also observed armed civilian populace with a variety of small arms as well as armed humanoid models Two and Eleven. Several patrols of Centurions were also spotted. Through the evening personnel observed civilians moving large crates by hand around campfires. The recon team stayed in position overnight and vacated the following morning to view a different angle.

The team arrived at OP Bravo at 1535 local and commenced immediate observation. The occupants of the town have formed a very rough defensive line approx. two miles across, spanning this narrow section of the basin that provides a 'fatal funnel' an attacker must pass through. This line is tied together by an Agro-Mart on a small rise near the center. The store has at /least/ four heavy machine gun positions sighted down approaches, 'sandbag' bunkers around it, and four anti-aircraft emplacements. In these emplacements are three CDG-20-4 "Foxfire" gun systems and one CDG-93R "Forge" tactical air defense system. Also observed was a model Two giving what appeared to be firearms instruction to several civilians. We were unable to determine if the defensive line was manned.

This position was held overnight for further observation of activity and vacated 21 May for the team to move to the extraction zone. Extraction was affected without incident and the recon team returned to the Cerberus at 1903 ship time. All photorecon and noted intelligence has been placed in secure storage. Contact CAPT Vandenberg for access personally. Digital copies are unavailable.


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