PHD #446: AAR - Gemenon Drop


18 April 2042 AE

FR: CPT Magaret Quinn
TO: CDR Andrus Pewter, LCOL Cidra Hahn, LCOL Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh, CPT Kal Trask
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, CPT Cora Nikephoros, CPT Greje Diomed Karthasi, etc.
RE: Gemenon Drop


At approximately 2140 hours on 18 Apr 2042 AE, CPT Margaret "Jugs" Quinn and Lt JG Marko "Flasher" Scaurus jumped intra-orbit with a team of Marines to drop onto Gemenon's surface, approximately 12 miles from the Lampridis Falls location. Though the initial jump was a bit rocky, the Raptor made their intended destination without much issue. Upon arrival, two Raiders were identified in orbit and they turned to meet the Raptor.

The team of Marines were successfully dropped on the surface. While the Raptor completed the faux 'recon' sweep, the Raiders moved to intercept. Upon interception, they waggled their wings and showed no hostile intentions. They held the same double-hash marks seen in previous encounters. Just before the Raptor jumped back to the Cerberus, it was noted that the Raiders were blinking light signal code to the Raptor. They spelled out: 'PROTECT US FROM THE HAND OF THE UNNAMED. PROTECT US FROM THE COILS OF THE GREAT SERPENT FOREVER.' The Raptor then jumped back to Cerberus without issue before any other contact or communication was made.



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