PHD #190: AAR - Facility Investigation


04 Sep 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh
TO: COL Andrus Pewter
CC: MAJ Clive Tillman, MAJ Cidra Hahn, CPT Dominic Gabrieli, CPO Constantine Atreus
RE: Facility Exploration


At approximately 13:00 hours 04 Aep 2041 AE, an exploratory party was dispatched from Thiar Penitentiary by Raptor, to investigate a facility identified by aerial reconnaissance to have been utilized by Cylon forces. Located approximately 31 miles north-north west of the penitentiary, visual and electronic recon confirmed the abandoned nature of the facility. Despite the presence of AA-emplacements (consisting of SAM, flak cannons, and various smaller-caliber AA KEW), no resistance was met. Further investigation revealed the emplacements were apparently sabotaged and their fire-control boards removed or destroyed.

The interior of the facility was accessed via hangar, absent of Cylon craft. Service bays were apparently stripped or destroyed, and useful fuel or ammunition supplies destroyed by small fires that burned themselves out. Hastily rigged booby traps were encountered, lower-quality than encountered before at the hands of Cylon resistance: access panels at each hatch were apparently rigged to shock Colonial forces and short the panel to render it inoperable; trip wire was used to create a short in an ammunition press and cook off several dozen rounds of ammunition, and; an additional trip wire web was utilized to detonate a Colonial claymore mine directed at the entry hatch.

Thanks to the work of deck and engineering technicians, none of these hastily-made traps were effective at killing any Colonial forces. Function of these traps seems aimed at delay and death of skilled personnel on the off-chance that they were successful.

In station, the discarded bodies of two Cylon Centurions were discovered: one apparently melted to the floor by jet wash of a Raider or Heavy Raider, and; the second crushed in a machine press. No additional Cylon resistance was encountered. The ceramic mold of a bullet of unknown make was discovered by CPL Samuel Blaine, and several Colonial small arms of various makes and calibers (mostly 'last generation' equipment) were discovered in various stages of disrepair and experimentation by Cylon forces. A Cylon hand cannon was found discarded and is unusable for anything but research.


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