BCH #005: AAR - Eyes in the Sky


21 Feb 2041 AE

FR: MAJ Cidra Hahn
TO: RADM Michael Abbot
RE: Wargames Exercise: Black vs. White


Mission: Exercise in the ongoing war games. Black Flight — the Black Knights and their reservist guests from the Snow Petrels — must fight against White Flight, a numerically inferior force made up of pilots from VF-211 (the Checkmates). The Knights' Vipers will have their DRADIS systems disabled for the mission; for targeting, they must rely on information transmitted from an allied flight of Raptors from VAQ-141.

Black Flight Viper and Raptor personnel coordinated to fend off and disable White Flight aggressors. From start to finish Raptor personnel performed their objective to the letter, relaying targeting vectors to their Viper teammates without a single miss or off-coordinate. Particular note goes to ENS Scauru's diligent work on DRADIS monitoring and targeting even as his Raptor took the bulk of the fire from White Flight and sustained minor simulated 'damage.' ENS O'Sullivan's ship sustains minor hit but good application of evasive maneuvers allowed her to escape further hits and complete the operation. LTJG Doe's ship recorded entirely clean, taking no hits throughout the entirety of the exercise.

ENS Malone disabled one member of the White Flight pair in the first round of targeting. Capt. Valance put up a more impressive fight but was eventually taken out by LT Laskaris, with assist from ENS Kolettis. ENS Kolettis continues to show strong skills in fundamental flight tactics and a commendable natural ability toward defense of her wing that is vital in a good wingman. Coordination of the three-pilot team by LT Laskaris played to aggressive but solid tactics, organization of Vipers never wavered and is to be commended.

Black Flight all around performed exceeding to expectations in most areas of this exercise. The speed and efficiency of coordination and communication between Raptor and Viper personnel is particularly laudable.



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